The explains. In the article the author

The purpose of the article is to study and research on how serial killer are born and also created.

The article “Serial killers: Nature vs Nurture”, explains the research and study on how serial killers are born and created.The methodology that the author uses is examples of serial killers and explains them in the serial killers. For example, Jeffrey Dahmer he uses a real serial killer to explain what the topic in the serial killer.

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One great example is shown by how the author explains in how Dahmer would kill animals to feel like he has power, because with his parents he had no power. He explains how Dahmer would kill animals to feel more power, explaining how he has the need to kill innocent animals so he could feel like he was in power. Most of the methodology he uses in the article is explained by theories or by the topic in the serial killer, that he then explains. In the article the author says “If we can curb domestic violence then the chances for a serial killer to become violent will decrease”, showing how domestic violence becomes a big role in forming serial killers. In a report  Dr. Richard Davidson compared brain scans of more than 500 people between those who were prone to violence and those who were considered to be normal. The brain images showed that those of who had been convicted of a murder with aggressive or antisocial disorders showed distinct brain activity compared to those who were considered normal. Showing how if we can stop domestic violence then the chances of a serial killer will decrease.

Domestic violence is a very important role in creating a serial killer, it is the first step in some cases. If we can lower domestic violence then we can decrease serial killers. A limitation that can’t be controlled by the author himself is the domestic violence because he needs everyone to help cut down domestic violence,he can’t do it himself. He needs everyones help to help cut down domestic violence. Limitations are influences or conditions a author can’t control himself. Domestic violence is a problem that only one person can solve himself, he needs many people to help make any differences. We can all make the world a safer place if we cut down domestic violence.The findings and answers to the article can change a person’s mental process and behaviors.

For example, one might no know how serial killers are born or created. However, after reading the article the person might think differently and it will change how the person thinks in how serial killers are born and created. Then one will comprehend and understand differently in serial killers. The answers of the questions in serial killers are very interesting and can sometimes be twisted by the way they think in their mind and their intelligence. The article changed my mind completely. The topic that really changes how a person thinks and their mental mentality is the domestic violence. It changes the way they think because the author proves and gives statistics that show if we lower domestic violence, then we can decrease serial killers.

That is why we all need to come together as a whole to make a change in decrease domestic violence. Soon we will have a great decrease in serial killers and have a safer world.


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