The communication with a team of engineers, consultants,

The 360-degree panorama of the unusual geometry of the sandstone and concrete structures in the Vatican City was the single most defining moment of my life which held me captive. From afar, St. Peter’s Basilica stuck out like a thorn amongst the Renaissance -style buildings and I pondered how rewarding it must be to have your own structure recognized as a tourist destination with people coming from afar just to snap a picture of it. However, my notions soon changed after spending a week with a family in provincial India as part of the homestay programme conducted by my school. Living in the hustle bustle of Delhi, I was used to staying in hotels whenever I travelled, so the prospect of living in a complete stranger’s house filled me with both trepidation and excitement. As the week progressed, I became increasingly aware of this family’s poor living conditions; the crooked iron doors with tin roofs and lack of sanitation facilities were a common sight, while amenities like hot water and a four-burner cooking range seemed like a luxury. Looking at the structural layout of the village, I realized that there is much more to architecture than what meets the eye. Architecture proposes future forms of habitation that make aesthetic and cultural contributions to society and inspire social imagination. It’s not all about the glory and honour of designing an innovative structure like Zaha Hadid or Le Corbusier but to create a social impact in a world waged with war amongst its inhabitants and unions. As part of my CBSE curriculum, I studied Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Fine Arts, Economics and English as my core subjects. Physics and Mathematics primarily helped me sustain a firm conceptual base for and a core understanding of my surroundings whereas the Fine Art classes gave me an exposure to various art-forms and mediums which played a crucial role in the making of my portfolio.  In the pursuit to enhance my skills, I have completed a one-year course in advanced mathematics, architecture studies, construction, and fine arts. My commitment, work ethic, and self-motivation have allowed me to strive for the highest possible standards.Over the years, I’ve also learned that no successful project emerges from a singular idea or person. Rather, it requires extensive communication with a team of engineers, consultants, and the craftsmen who work on a building to achieve the greatest possible effect. As the President of the TEDx Club and the leader of the Student Council, I have maneuvered my communication and leadership skills. Aside from extra-curricular activities, I was honored with a Gold Medal for 7 years of consecutive academic excellence and achieved a perfect 10 CGPA in the 10th-grade examination. I have also had the opportunity to intern with “Vista Constructions” and “Studio Anmol” as architecture and design intern, respectively.In a country like India; with rapidly increasing population, insufficient resources, fragmented management and the lack of a unified urban design approach for life that ought to co-exist, efficient Architecture and Design stands as a symbol of hope and progress for all. It serves as a catalyst, building a vision for the Anthropocene era- the cities that we design now, are the cities that we shall inhabit in the future. Urban development justified in the name of civic prosperity is often misleading in opposition to environmental security. In the hardscrabble urbanity of the present Indian megacity, there is little room for the ecological sacred and I as an architect plan to change that. As Christopher Wren once said, ‘Architecture aims at eternity’. I can think of no better way to achieve eternity than to help create buildings of tomorrow that preserves the ideas of today. After all, ultimately we are judged by what we leave behind.


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