The fundamentals on the intellectual and structured

The 19th century was a major turning point in the development of modern society. While bygone society was built upon the idea of a leader’s “divine right to rule,” modern society directs its fundamentals on the intellectual and structured view of the world. Baroque society deals with the conflict of man vs nature and the pious nature of customs and culture. The Romantic movement was a time during the industrial revolution where literal thinking and rational thought took precedence over theological interpretation. The Baroque period style of artistic approach exaggerates the clear motions into easily interpretable details which help the viewer acquire the full sense of the scene. These scenes portray religious stories, they were created by artisans who were considered the highest degree of painters.

Many of these scenes can be found in various chapels, churches and other fresco murals in these ancient structures. Pieces at the time were supposed to create a clear-cut interpretation of what was going on in the scene. With little education or background commoners were able to recognise figures like Jesus or the Virgin Mary. While much of the emphasis at the time was on the religious aspects of society, many artists at the time touched on the ideas of the inner workings of people;and both figuratively from their conflicts to literally with anatomical diagrams.

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While people played an important role, nature scenes were also very prevalent with a focus on landscapes. Baroque architecture was a means to display grandeur and exuberance while also attempting to impress visitors. The Industrial revolution began in approximately the 1800’s. Many new technologies began to develop around the world that changed the way people of the time interacted and communicated with one another. Advances in machinery allowed faster and more efficient production of raw materials into refined products. New developments in printing technologies allowed new medias in journalism and access to faster means of spreading their art work.

This time period emphasized the importance of intellectual thought, regardless of the subject. Even the most mundane and simple objects can become highly discussed pieces of art. While baroque ideas had people follow somewhat of a formula, modern art ranges across a number of different mediums and subjects


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