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  That night time was like speeding object. It was May 21st 2016, the grass had a soggy feel to it, the pavement had the soaked, sweet pavement smell. The sky had a pink, orange, grey color painted all over, and our hearts were full of joy and excitement.  My friends, Desmond, Omar, and I were on our way to a mini golf event in Mackay Park in EngleWood. We met up and started casually stroll from my house to the ice rink in Mackay Park.. It was a pretty far walk to do in 10 minutes.    We started to walk down Forest Avenue to go to Mackay Park. The sun had almost set. We finally arrived at the ice rink. We were pretty hungry and we were looking for refreshments. There were food vendors but, they were being fake and did not want to give us food even though we had money. We just decided let’s just go play the mini golf.    We grabbed my putters entered the rink, and we just saw disappointment, throughout the arena. They had a mediocre mini golf. They had cardboard like look too the ramps and twists and turns that led up to the hole. It was horrendous! We finally left the ice rink and started our journey home. That’s when it started to get crazy.   We were walking through the sun dried Mackay park. I had my basketball with me and I wanted to put some shots up. It was still wet because it rained a little while we were in the ice rink. I was putting up shots while Omar and Desmond were waiting for me outside the court.   Omar was screaming at me “Kyle let’s go yo, it’s dark, wet, I’m hungry and it’s kind of cold.” “Kyle bro I want to leave.”   “I have to make a shot before I leave, I have to I do it every time I play, I have to make one before I leave.” I say back to Omar.    I miss the shot and I got to get the ball, I see 3 or 4 guys by the bench on the outside. I was still shooting my ball, when the men walked into the gated park. As soon as they get in I scurry quickly to my friends and we race quickly for a exit to the park.     We are leaving the park walking up 1st street, it was around 8:00, and the wet cold pavement chilled our feet as we strolled our way home. I asked myself, “It’s dark and kinda chilly we should hurry up.” I started to jog to make Omar and Desmond jog also. I saw a black cat beam across the street.  “A black cat running across the street, is bad luck,” said, Omar.   “Shut up, like bro now you put negativity in the air.” , I yelled back at him.  We continued to stroll down 1st street. Then out of nowhere this man on a silver bike starts to come down the block. As we kept walking the man on the bike got closer, “Bling, Bling,” his bike sang like a bird. I was being very observant of what was going on. I saw the man on the bike look at us. He had a grey polo sweatsuit on. He gave us a very unpleasant look.. I just acted like it was nothing, and kept my head up.   Next thing you know the man hopped off his bike and started to walk behind us. Omar said in my ear, “Don’t look back now, but I think that the guy on the bike is following us.”    I turned my head and he WAS following us. I was very nervous I might have showed it but, I was very scared. Omar started to yell, “Call someone now so they at least know where we are”  I shouted back at him, “NO. If you do that you’re going to do that he’s probably going to kill us. Guys I have a idea on the three let’s make a run for it. 1. 2. 3.”  We booked it. We ran around the block, down the street, going street to street, and we were gone. We ended up at Jerry’s pizza shop. Omar and Desmond were ordering their food. I was just waiting, minding my own business chillen. Then my phone went off, “Tweet, Tweet,” it went. I checked my phone and it was a bunch of angry text messages from my parents, saying, “Come home”, and “Your only 13 come home now, you shouldn’t be out around 9:00 at night.” I ran home as fast as I could.    I got home and I got a call from Des saying, “Yo bro, that guy that started to chase us, was in Jerry’s with us when you left. Omar and I just got our stuff and we booked it.”   “Y’all good?”, I asked.  “Yeah, we’re good.”, said Desmond.   “Alright, then see you at school, bro.”, I added.    


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