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Texas Property Services was established as a Sole Proprietorship at 3939 Teasley Ln, Denton, Texas 76210 with the expectation of rapid expansion in the construction industry.
Business Description
The company was formed on 03/07/2013 as a Sole Proprietorship under Texas state laws and headed by Amanda Patterson. Ms. Patterson holds an associates degree in Graphic Design as well as versed in Interior Design. She also has 18 years of customer services experience and holds a certification in OSHA for construction training.
Since starting Texas Property Services we have been able to assist on average twenty families per month to make their homes livable and functional. By utilizing new building resources and technology we have been able to keep our costs down for each client that we provide services for. Our company is committed to research more low-cost building supplies to be utilized throughout our business. The company currently employees 1 full-time employee and a number of sub-contractors in order to ensure projects are completed properly and in a timely manner.
Management Team
The company has assembled an experienced management team:
Project Manager – Dennis Arnold, Mr. Arnold has 16 years of construction experience as well as holds a bachelors degree in engineering.
Business Mission
Texas Property Services prides itself on achieving quality construction work for quality people at quality prices. We at Texas Property Services will maintain the highest level of professionalism in all areas included but not limited to timeliness attention to detail and maintain a business-minded attitude. We shall uphold positive relationships between our suppliers, subcontractors, associates, and customers by showing loyalty, honesty, and fairness.
New Service
The Company is prepared to introduce the following services to the market:
Affordable renovations and remodels: State of the art concepts for rehabilitation of homes to maintain the affordability of work required.
Texas Property Services saw the need for an affordable construction company after the owner had to hire someone to provide renovation services at her own home. As she called around to find an affordable place to do some repair work she couldn’t find anyone in her area that was within her budget. Ms. Patterson then decided that this is an issue in her area for many homeowners and especially those that a low income.
Funding Request
The company requests a total loan amount of $15,000.00 over the course of 3 years, to be used for the following purposes:
Texas Property services wishes to obtain an investment at this time to conduct market research and testing of affordable building supplies currently on the market.
Long-term debt payment is a key feature of the Company’s financial plan. We expect to break even within a 2 years time period following the introduction of the new building materials. Financial predictions suggest a minimum of 25 percent return on investment by the conclusion of the financing period.
Business Goals and Objectives
Short-Term Goals
Texas Property Services wishes to continue to expand in our county and neighboring counties. We also wish to expand our knowledge of affordable building supplies.

Long-Term Goals
Our long-term goal for Texas Property Services is to be able to expand our business as a statewide service operation in order to help as many families as we can.


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