TescosAbout work for Tesco?If you h?d ?

TescosAbout Tesco’s:Tescos is ? british multin?tion?l grocery ret?iler with he?dqu?rters in Hertfordshire, Engl?nd ?nd it the third l?rgest ret?il store in the world. Position: Customer Delivery Driver Loc?tion: Coler?ine Tesco storeUsu?l shift p?ttern: 6?m-10?m ?nd 7pm-11pmM?in Responsibilities: Your responsibilities ?re ensuring th?t every customer is s?tisfied with their shopping experience.  Customers ?re the m?in focus for Tescos m?king sure they ?re ?t the he?rt of everything they do.

When you ?re before you le?ve the store or centre you’ll:Lo?d the v?n where required, ?nd check your v?n for ro?dworthinessUnderst?nd the schedule ?nd route th?t h?s been c?lcul?ted for youLook the p?rt in your uniform, re?dy to help our customersOn the ro?d you’ll represent Tesco so:Drive s?fely, responsibly ?nd within the l?wBe courteous to ?ll ro?d usersOn the customer’s doorstep you’ll:Serve your customer with ? smile ?nd greet them by n?meT?ke c?re of your customer’s deliveries ?s if they were your ownThe role is h?nds on, physic?l ?nd full of v?riety. No two shifts ?re ever the s?me – customers look for help in ?ll kinds of different w?ys.For most of the d?y you’ll feel like your own boss, delivering to your customers on your own, but with ? te?m of m?n?gers ?nd colle?gues b?ck ?t b?se re?dy to support you when you need them.Essenti?l criteri?Full UK / EU / EEA driving licenceBeen in possession for ?t le?st 12 monthsNo more th?n 3 pen?lty points Desir?ble criteri?Are s?fe ?nd courteous driversEnjoy helping othersAre person?ble with ? good sense of humour ?nd excellent communic?tion skillsAre ?ble to t?ke the initi?tive ?nd use common senseC?re ?bout m?king ? difference for customers ?nd colle?guesC?n st?y c?lm under pressureIde?l ?pplic?nt should h?ve:Good communic?tion skills W?rm person?lityDriven to provide good customer service Good te?m workerGood Customer service skillsGood ?t working under pressureQuestions for ?pplic?nts:Tell me ?bout ? time you h?d to work under pressure?Why do you w?nt to work for Tesco?If you h?d ? b?d d?y, wh?t would m?ke you come b?ck to work?Describe ? time you de?lt with ? difficult customer, wh?t did you do to resolve the situ?tion?

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