Tesco Tesco is a for profit business

Tesco are the leading retailer in the UK, with 460,000 colleagues and they serve millions of customers every week in store and online. Tesco is a PLC and has been around since 1919 where they started as a market stall and there was only one of them. This shows that Tesco is a dedicated company and is very successful. Around the world Tesco have 6,809 shops and it has been recorded that 79 million shopping trips are made every week around all stores in the world. In 1919 and the 1920s Tesco was a group of market stalls, in 1930s Jack Cohen bought some land and expanded. With the land he built a headquarters and warehouse Tesco continued to expand, in 2000s Tesco expanded online with a delivery service. Tesco is a for profit business which means that it aims to make a profit and make money. This is why they sell products. They buy the products in bulk for cheap price and sell the products for more to make a profit.
Cancer research is a large charity that supports all types of cancer and is constantly researching new ways to help cure cancer. With the money that they raise they fund scientists, doctors and nurses to help beat cancer. They also provide information about all types of cancer to the public. Cancer research also comfort cancer patients and have set up a community for all cancer patients do that they feel comfortable and supported so that they can talk to other people and get help from others. Cancer research is a cancer awareness charity which was formed on 4th February 2002. Cancer research UK is the worlds largest independent cancer research charity. Cancer research UK is a not for profit business because it is a charity and its main aim is to help peoples lives and save people from suffering from all types of cancer. Cancer research UK do not aim to make a profit they use the money that they raise to fund the scientists, doctors and nurses’ so that they can continue to make a difference to people’s lives.


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