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The informationshared on this site may include typographical errors or technical inaccuracies.Information can be changed or updated at any time without notice. ElectronicCommunications:Consent to receivecommunications from the BNDEDU service electronically. The BNDEDU servicecommunicates with you by sending an email or by posting to this site. You agree that anycommunication that the BNDEDU service provides to you will electronically meetthe written legal requirements.

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Use of Site:This site is fully designedfor your personal and non-commercial use only. All content will be included inthe site, but not limited to any text, graphics, images, logos, button icons,data compilation, software, audio, video (collectively “Materials”), BNDEDU a service or asupplier property of its content, and you cannot distribute, reproduce, exchange,change execute, transmit, or a sell materials for business commercial, orpublic purposes. This material may violatecopyright, trademark, or other applicable law and international copyright andtrademark law to allow unauthorized use of any material. You may not utilizeframing techniques to enclose any part of this site or any material without thewritten consent of the frame or the BNDEDU service. You are granted a possibleand non-exclusive right to create hyperlinks to this site unless the linkportrays the BNDEDU service, its affiliates, or their products services areuntrue, misleading, derogatory, or otherwise offensive. The client if youviolate any of these terms, you cannot use the BNDEDU service logo or othermaterials as part of the link without the express consent of the BNDEDUservice, the approval for using this site is automatically terminated, and youcan download it immediately or from the printed material.

Submissionof Data by UserApart from the personally identifiable information that iscovered under the privacy policy of the BNDEDU service, any material,information, or other communication that you send to this site is considerednon-proprietary. BNDEDU service bears no obligation regarding communications.You are prohibited from violating illegal, threatening, defamation, obscene, privacyviolations, intellectual property rights, or any other substance that violatesthe law or posting or sending from this site.

Links to Other WebSitesLinks to another website areprovided only for your convenience, and the presence of such links does notimply that BNDEDUservices represent them in any way recommended.The BNDEDU service is not responsible for any such site orits content.  Disclaimer of WarrantiesInformation provided on this site, the materials and servicesshall be “AS IS,” including warranties of conformity to applicable laws,merchantability, or specific suitability, without any warranties, eitherexpress or implied. The purpose of a third party’s rights, includingintellectual property rights, or non-infringement. The BNDEDU service does notguarantee the accuracy or completeness of materials or services on the site ormail sent from the site, its servers, or the BNDEDU service will be released fromviruses or other harmful components.Limitation ofLiabilityIn any situation, the BNDEDU service you shall not be liablefor any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, punitive or specialdamages( including those that are not limited to this and that result from lostprofits, lost data or business interruptions).The use, unavailability, or error or omission of the contentor features of the site, even if the BNDEDU service or its agent recommends thepossibility of such damage.

If the use of materials, information or servicesfrom this warrants the need for repair or modification of equipment or data,all cost are assumed.ApplicableLaws If you want to browsethis site from outside the country, you responsible for complying with theapplicable local laws, according to your initiative. These terms of use shallbe governed and constructed by the law of appropriate authority, without affectingthe principles of conflict of law. PRIVACY POLICY    Information Required After subscribing to our newsletter or filling out the form,we need the information from you. If you register with our website, you may beasked to enter your name, email address, phone number, and credit cardinformation, if necessary.The use of information The information we collect from you is used solely on one ofthe following aspects: ·       To process your information without your consent for eitherpublic or private reasons, the service has been requested to sell, exchange,transfer, or not be given to any other company, or to provide a purchasedproduct.·       To send a recurring email: The e-mail address provided forthe order processing is used only to send information and updates about yourorder if you choose to sign in to our mailing list, you will receive an email thatmay include news, updates, and service information for the relevant agency. Ifyou want to stop receiving future mail at any time, keep in mind that there isa detailed unsubscribe step at the bottom of each email.

  How do you protect your information?We implement various security measures to maintain the safetyof your personal information at the time of order. The use of secure servers is to provide, and allconfidential/credit information is transmitted through Secure Socket Layer(SSL) technology, and we the payment gateway providers database is onlyaccessible for encrypted special and authorized access to such a system isrequired to hold sensitive information. After the transaction, your private information (credit card,social security number, financials, etc. ) will not be kept in the file for along time.

 Do you want to use cookies?We do not use cookies.Do we share information withexternal parties?We will not trade, sell or transfer your personal informationto any third party. This does not include a credible third party that willassist us in the development of our website, do our business, or service you,as long as these parties agree to keep this information confidential. We alsobelieve that the release is in line with the law. You may disclose yourinformation when you apply a site policy or protect us or other rights,property, or safety.

Also, personally identifiable visitor information may beprovided to other parties for advertising, marketing, or other purposes.Comply with the Online Privacy Protection Act. Since we value your privacy, we have taken the necessary precautionsto comply with the Online Privacy Act. Therefore, we will not distribute yourpersonal information to foreigners without your consent.



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