TELUS 12.8 billion dollars, is currently ranked

TELUS Corporation, with an annual revenue of 12.8 billion dollars, is currently ranked second in telecommunications companies within Canada (Reza, 2017). This publicly traded company merged with BCTel in 1998 and has to date 47,000 employees across Canada (BCTechnology, 2017). The current President and CEO of TELUS, Darren Entwistle, has held the position for 15 years, becoming the longest serving CEO among global telecommunication companies (TELUS, 2018). Alongside a diverse executive committee, Darren Entwistle and the TELUS team “Put the customer at the heart of everything we do – listening and learning to deliver the best experience possible”(TELUS, 2018). TELUS leverages the use of technology to better the future, including to improve healthcare, the environment, the community, education, business and much more. TELUS truly follows their mission statement and overall vision, as they pursue growth and continue to initiate opportunity. Paired with their organizational goals, TELUS encourages each team member to participate in charity work. TELUS team members and retirees have contributed $482 million to charitable and not-for-profit organizations, and have volunteered more than 7.7 million hours of service to local communities (TELUS, 2018). Shaw, currently ranked fourth among telecommunications companies within Canada, is a publicly traded company founded by JR Shaw in 1966 (Reza, 2017).  JR Shaw is still active within the company as the Board’s Executive Chair, and his son, Bradley Shaw, is now CEO. With a revenue of $4.884 billion, Shaw serves 3.2 million customers across Canada. The company’s vision is to “deliver exceptional customer experience through outstanding people sharing Shaw Values (Shaw, 2018).”  Shaw continues to strive for growth, and has become committed to using innovative content to create an experience for its customers. The company is also an active member of the community, with multiple initiatives to reduce their ecological footprint, as well as to help build a better future for youth and children. Recently, Shaw has paired with the city of Vancouver to expand free public Wi-Fi throughout the city, making Vancouver have one of the largest free public-Wi-Fi networks in North America (City of Vancouver, 2018).


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