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Early pregnancy means giving birth while under the age of 20 years. This pregnancy occurs at puberty when they experience the initial menarche roughly at 12-13. At this stage, the females are potentially fertile. According to a nonprofit agency focusing on reproductive and sexual research, public education and policy analysis, teenage pregnancy holds adverse consequences to the society, child and parents.


The children, who are born to teenage parents, lack adequate medical attention. The opportunities of mother and the child to build a future are further depleted by these risks. Need for change in lifestyle by the mother may be the only option to have a healthy baby. Problems such as birth weights are common due to smoking and alcoholic mothers. During teen years, female teenagers are at twenty-five percent probability of smoking at pregnancy compared to adults.

STIs (sexually transmitted diseases) are at its peak of contraction at this tender age. Some of the STIs include Chlamydia, which causes sterility, and pneumonia in newborns, syphilis, which causes blindness, Infant and maternal death, and HIV-the virus causing AIDS. The medical care given to mothers during pregnancy minimizes or eliminates the HIV virus being transmitted to the baby.


The major cause of early life pregnancies is premature sex. The enlightened seniors should give further details about unprotected sexual intercourse, and missed periods. Where sex cannot be avoided, use of condoms would be a radical solution although not the best compared to abstinence.

Peer pressure is a prolific mother inciting many young and innocent teens to have unprotected sex. However, there are other causes of early pregnancy such as those resulting from unreported rape cases. It would be a wise choice to discuss biting situations with health officers. Children born, leave their parents traumatized due to the gap that they open up between them and their social lives. Some are ashamed, which is vital for others to learn from so as to avoid similar situations.

The HHS’ (The Department of Health and Human Services) commitment is preventing the out of wedlock births and encourage adolescent abstinence. The organizations’ driving force is the belief that community driven program tends to succeed. While promoting abstinence amongst teenagers, they stand a chance to make wise decisions for their bright futures.

Abstinence Education Program

This provides the federal grant to the states’ abstinence education entities on counseling and mentoring. The main aim is to promote abstinence away from early sexual activity before marriage. This helps in developing action plans to curb teenage pregnancies (Piehl 67).

Boy Child Education

Educating the boy child is not an exception in curbing teenage parenting. This way, the young men, are at a better position to decide on whether they would like to postpone fatherhood.

School-based Work Groups

This program brings the education on parenthood to the potential early parents.

Early parenthood denies the young parent the chance to decent education and job opportunities. Enlightenment of these unfair conditions would go a long way in discouraging early pregnancies. Teenagers would be less inspired to bear children in the early age. Where such pregnancies are already in position, the advice would be to take healthy meals, avoid drugs, and take up physical exercise to bear the right weight children. They should also seek early and regular parental care from clinics.


Education to the youthful teens would be a valuable tool to curb early pregnancies. The society and the government hold a stake in the discouragement of these pregnancies. From the early pregnancies, it is true to say that the accompanying problems such as disease contractions are equally indispensable, thus the need to curb early parenting.

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