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Ted Bundy is one of the worst serial killers in history. His Antisocial personality and psychoticcharacter made him feared across the country. After all was said and done Ted left behind a trailof bloody slayings that included the deaths of 36 young women and spanned through four states. The biggest question in many people’s mind was how could someone as intelligent, highlyaccomplished, and praised as Bundy do such a thing?Theodore Robert Bundy was born November 24th, 1946 in Burlinton, Vermont.

Hismother Eleanor Louise Cowell was 22 when she had him. Ted’s mom never told him muchabout his father except that he was in the armed forces and they had only dated a few times. Tedwas left in foster care for two months while his mom and parents decided what to do with him. In 1946 an illegitimate child was extremely looked down upon by society. Once they decided tokeep Ted his grandparents told everyone he was their adopted son.

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Ted knew who his biologicalmom was, but outsiders were told that she was his sister. Ted adored his grandfather, he was theonly man Ted really respected. His grandfather was also particularly fond of Ted. Ted would goon camping and fishing trips with his grandfather. Ted thought he was just a great guy, but thefamily thought different. They would describe his grandfather as an ill-tempered tyrant. He wasracist, intolerant, and a perfectionist. He expected everyone to meet his demands.

Hisgrandfather was also verbally abusive toward other family members and physically abusivetoward his wife. He also physically mistreated animals including the family pet. Ted’sgrandmother suffered from depression.

It got so bad that she was eventually treated withelectroshock therapy. She also suffered from agoraphobia and never left the house. Could thisbe the reason Ted turned out how he did?The older Ted got, the more it became more difficult to hide his family’s identity and hissecret mother. With this his mother moved to Washington, where she met and married JohnBundy. At the time Ted was four years old.

He was adopted by John and his new parents hadfour children together. From the beginning Ted did well in school. His teachers complimentedhim on his good grades. Ted was active in Boy Scouts and attended church regularly. He alsoheld a part-time job and made excellent grades. Ted didn’t date much in high school and wasdescribed as being shy. It was around this time Ted began sneaking out of the house and peepinginto windows. He became a “Peeping Tom.

” 1He reported as a child he had become fascinatedby sexual violence. He was warned about the effects of pornography and stated the it “brings outa hatred that is just too terrible to describe.”He also began shoplifting for expensive items andtold his mom that they were gifts. He was picked up at least twice by juvenile authorities forsuspicion of auto theft and burglary, but nothing came of it.Ted participated in many respectable behaviors that helped make it so unbelievable toaccept his guiltiness. He caught a purse snatcher and was given a commendation from the policedepartment. He also saved a drowning toddler once by diving into a lake after him.

Ted alsoworked for a suicide prevention hotline talking others out of killing themselves. He wroterape-prevention books and became active in politics gaining the attention of important, highlyknown people. Ted worked many low paying jobs to pay for college. He was a busboy at ahotel, a messenger, and clerks at various stores. He left most jobs after only a few months. Some employers said he was a good worker while others gave him less than favorableIt is likely that Ted killed his first victim while in his teens. A young schoolmatedisappeared at this time.

He is said to have begun his serial killings in his late twenties in 1974. However many people believe that he started earlier than this. He is said to be the suspect inIn January of 1974, an 18 year old student by the name Joni Lenz was found unconsciousin her bedroom.

Ted had beaten her with a metal rod and then inserted it into her genitals. Jonisurvived but was in a coma for several months and had no memory of the event at all. A monthlater Ted had struck again. He had abducted and killed a 21 year old woman named, Lynda AnnHealy. Lynda didn’t show up for work or dinner that day friends and family started to worry. Healy’s parents immediately called the police.

Soon after they found blood dripping from LyndaAnnn’s mattress. Police also found a night gown close to the bed with blood all over it. Herclothes and backpack from the night before were also missing. Where was Lynda Ann though?Investigators were puzzled there was no evidence whatsoever that would help lead them toLynda.Six weeks later, a 19 year old college student never arrived at a jazz concert she wasgoing to. The next month a freshman girl disappeared on the way to a movie. Two other womendisappeared over the next two months.

Seven girls had vanished through out the states of Utah,Oregon and Washington, within the spring and summer of 1974. All the girls had strikingsimilarities, they were all thin white girls who had parted hair and were wearing slacks at theTed would use fake casts, splints, and crutches to get his victims to help him. He woulduse little things like how he needed help to carry his books or load up his car. In July 1974though, he was able to convince a Janet Ott to help him load a sailboat up at his parent’s house. A couple picnicking near by, remembered a handsome young man approaching Ott. From whatthe couple could hear, the man’s name was Ted.

The girl was never seen again. That same dayhe abducted 18 year old Denise Naslund while at a park. Ted had now abducted two people inbroad daylight using his real name. People would not believe that a killer would actually use hisreal name. This lead the press to call these cases the “Ted” cases. In 1974 the first pieces ofbodies were slowly being found. The police began to discover the severity and scope of thekiller.By this time Ted had moved to Utah where he became a dormitory manager at theUniversity of Utah.

Here in Utah he killed 16 year old Nancy Wilcox. Three weeks later hekilled 17 year old Melissa Smith. Melissa’s father was the Midvale, Utah’s, Police Chief. Mr.

Smith would warn her about the dangers of the world, because of all the wrong he had seenthrough out his career. His worst nightmare came true on October 18 1974, when Melissadisappeared. Ted had killed at least 11 times in Utah and nearby Colorado. Police would soon get there break in the case. Ted would approach 18 year old CarolDaRonch. Ted told her that he had seen someone try to break into her car and he would reallylike it if she would go along with him to the parking lot to see if anything had been stolen. Carolassumed the man was mall security because he seemed so in control of the situation. When theygot to the car Carol told Ted that everything was there.

Ted who had told Carol his name wasOfficer Roseland, was not satisfied and wanted to take her to police headquarters. He wantedher to file a complaint. When he led her to a Volkswagen bug, she became suspicious and askedfor identification. Ted pulled out a gold badge quickly and escorted her into the car.

Ted droveoff in the opposite direction of the police station. After a short while of being in the car Tedtried to put handcuffs on Carol. Carol screamed and Ted pulled out a handgun and threatened tokill her. Carol soon found herself up against the car while Ted had a crowbar in his hand readyto strike her in the head. She kicked his genitals and managed to break free, she ran towards theroad and caught the attention of a couple, who drove her to the police station. Carol told themwhat happened and gave a description.

2Her reports of the events including his attempted use ofhandcuffs and a crowbar would provide significant evidence leading to Ted’s eventual arrest. Afew days later, off Carols coat a blood type was found. It was type O, the same as Ted Bundy’s,In August 1975 Ted was stopped for driving suspiciously. The car would be searchedand Ted was arrested. 3 At the time of arrest. A crowbar, ice pick, ski mask, mask of Bibliography:

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