Technology handing technology into students’ hands, teachers and

            Technology that simplifies human
tasks are created every day. Within the last decade, technology has started to
seep its way into educational institutions, replacing textbooks with tablets.
These new devices that are being integrated into the classroom are targeted to
increase communication between students and teachers, simplify tasks in the
classroom, and give students a more engaging learning environment. Bringing
technology into schools can have positive effects, but we should also closely
consider how it could end up hindering the students learning.

            Before handing technology into students’
hands, teachers and school districts need to carefully examine if the
technology will increase communication or create a new distraction that takes
away from learning. The pioneers of utilizing technology in a learning
environment are correct when saying that “the educators are beginning to
interact with students, parents and each other in ways they never have before”
(Source B). While it is true that we can communicate in ways that we never have
before, students are becoming mindless slaves to their screens, causing them to
stop paying attention to the teacher in class. This situation further obstructs
their communication with the teacher. Teachers need to consider a way to limit
the use of technology during class time so that students are utilizing it for
what it was intended to do.

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            Advocates of using technology in the
classroom argue that having an infinite amount of information at students’ fingertips
will increase their knowledge, but the increase in knowledge might not be in
the subject areas schools would like. This mass amount of information that is
handed to the students is sometimes overwhelming and gather knowledge that was
not intended. According to an article in Time Magazine—written by David
Gelernter— “too many American high school students have never read one Mark
Twain novel or Shakespeare play or Wordsworth poem, or a serious history of the
U.S.” The young generations that see the good in technology speak the truth
when they say that having technology inside a classroom will open up a whole
other world of knowledge for students. Upon close examination, this technology may
not be getting applied the way it was originally intended. School districts
need to review how to limit the technology to be utilized for its intended use
while also keeping it accessible.    

            Technology can easily simplify the
time restraints put on learning comparing it to using traditional means. Although
if schools are not attentive, shorter thinking could delay a student’s
education. Yet, many schools are willing to take this risk, due to the
efficiency of learning. Students at Empire High School were issued computers to
each of its 340 students in order to have a textbook-free environment. Assignments
are made easier by technological advancements (Source A). Also, according to
Source D, Steven Johnson couldn’t imagine writing without a computer in the 21st
century, but he also states that he has “to think about writing” and that “paper
and pen feel profoundly different to Johnson now”. Typing out essays on a
computer is much easier for students, and allows teachers to read them without
having to interpret student handwriting.  School officials should explore methods to
balance the amount of work they do on technology and with pen and paper so that
kids don’t lose a basic skill they will need later in life.  

            Technology could have a very
positive impact on education, but only if it is used in the correct manner. It has
the potential to increase efficiency of assignments, communication between student
and teacher, and is a large source of information to the students. Although if
we don’t carefully examine these factors to make sure the technology is being
utilized to its intended purpose, it is possible for it to back fire on the
school districts and hinder the students learning. 


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