Technology life easier. Their children Peter and Wendy

Technology has got way more popularitynowadays just because of the trend in new researches and convenience itprovides. But, somehow with its benefits, some drawbacks are also seen.

Instory “The Veldt” by Ray Bradbury, it has shown a wonderful technologicallycreated house. Probably in today’s world probably we could not see thetechnological advancement which has been described in this story including fromself-made meal to turning light on and off automatically. The thesis of thisstory is that technology has power to make humans dependent on it as well ascan worsen situation by distracting us from important relationship. It hasthree main settings one is the ‘Happylife home’-the house that is a technologicalmiracle which cost thirty thousand dollars second one is the nursery, which isthe finest part of house and specially made for children. The nursery is madeup of three dimensional walls and the last one is the African veldt.

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Although,the veldt was not realistic, it played a significant part in the story.            Georgeand Lydia was happy in their technological world which has made life easier.Their children Peter and Wendy were also enjoying their unrealistic world inthe nursery, a wonderful room that makes children’s thoughts in virtual reality.The house’s name was worth it, because their life has become incredibly happyafter they started living in it.

It was fully automated setting where everyhousehold chore was done by the house itself. Even the food was also preparedautomatically. The nursery was like second house for children. They can be ableto live in a world they want to live, and for that what they have to do isimagine about that. It has made them so much addictive that they were not evenready to lock it down and have some time with family. Both siblings were happyin their own virtual world. Unfortunately with such amazing features the househad compromised parents and children relation at some extent (Babies and TV).Similar idea can be seen in Susan Greenfield’s article; it also states that dueto existence of modern technology people’s interaction with each other gotweaker (Gupta, 2012).

The life was smooth until Lydia foundsomething unusual in children’s nursery. The children was happy and living intheir virtual African veldt, but somewhere in their imagination they werevisualizing wild animals, their hunts and screams which were way more violencethen a child should want to live in. The mother got worried about children’sviolated imagination. However, children were used to be obedient before theyintroduces with the house. But due to influence of technology, they starteddisrespecting their parents and even not listening to their commands. They wereoverwhelmed with the technological world. According to research, technology canhampers children’s mental status and social abilities including the way theyinteract with others and the way they perceive world around them (Patel). At first when Lydiagot afraid when she saw what her children has been visualizing from past manydays, but afterwards she realized that they have been replaced by the nursery.

George’s friend, McClean was also able to see the replacement clearly; he evenstated that their children hate them. African veldt is a place that children wereconstantly visualizing from past many days. But it was not only veldt that terrifiedtheir parents; it was the lions, their hunts, dead animals and the screams. WhenGeorge and Lydia first found out about their children’s thoughts about veldtthey got afraid, because it was so realistic that even George started sweatingwhen he first entered the room and felt the heat of the African veldt. The lionswere eating meat which they must have hunted few minutes ago.

It was definitelynot a great sight to visualize by children. The cruelty didn’t end at imaginingsuch sight, but it took more horrifying turn and ended up as killing their ownparents by children just to prevent their virtual world. In conclusion, it is good to havetechnologically advanced, but it is also important to spend some time withfamily. In the world of technology, this story is the best examples ofconsequences that arise after excess technology use.

It is also a lesson forparents who are not able to pay more attention to their children and explainsthem that giving children in the hand of technology will only lead todemolition.


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