Technology I am greeted with a state-of-the-art touch

 Technology andstyle are the two of hottest themes which has started merging together.

Nowfashion designers have started integrating technology with fashion. I wished tohave a sense for what everybody appears to be whispering about: ‘The Shop ofthe Future’ with attributes like a “digital wall”, electronicshifting rooms such as mirrors that are smart. These shops are credited with beginningthe use of technologies in retail and fashion shops, and tripling clothessales. Within this blog I need to speak less about the tech, and much moreabout the most important customer experience. I walk in theshop and instantly from the set to the aesthetic I feel as though I haveentered the ‘trendy woman’ world. I am greeted with a state-of-the-art touchdisplay wall in the front of the shop, I am staring at it for a long minute infront of a salesman came to ask me if I wanted any help. Immediately Iinform him, exactly what I had been doing there, I was not planning on doingany shopping, I only wanted to play with all the technology. Veryenthusiastically the gentleman agreed to carry me on a ‘technician’ tour ofwhat and describe how it all works.

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We began naturally with all the touchscreen, well this is a brand new means to begin purchasing that I think tomyself. Moving on in the beverage request, we visit ‘lookbook’, and as we flipthrough, you are able to view all of the appearances which were put togetherand out of these we could see the individual products. With these things, wecan choose the dimensions, colour and choose if we would like to look at it on;I begin tapping away randomly simply to feel that the display for myself andhave a peek at everything. Now it was thetime for dressing area.

Each area has a wise mirror set up that explains everytime a visitor enters the matching room with a thing, as they have a RadioFrequency Identification tag (RFID) which activates the wise mirror. This getstrendy, when the mirror is triggered, the things which you’ve selected to teston, will pop up on the display, and not only will you view your things, but youalso see other bits which you may set your things with — if totes, shoes, oraccessories.  The last thingthat we look is that the self-checkout channel, which to be fair was exactlywhat I most interested in. The thought of self-checkout in a designer shopmakes you wonder about the safety measures. The salesman again was happy towalk me through that procedure and the machine, which was partially developedby big technology company utilizing RFID chips and iPads. When you put yourthing on the desk, your product will appear on the iPad and you’re all set toget your data and swipe your credit card. Now to the safety issue, the thingsall have safety tags, so when you’ve paid you have to manually take thesecurity tag off. Then as soon as you’ve eliminated the safety tag and thetrade is finished, the powered table will turn green which is going to be yoursign to take your thing down.

This usually the experience isn’t quite as easyas what other retailers are planning for, like the new Amazon Go shops, inwhich you can just walk out with your own purchases. I Left theshop feeling like I have so far more than I expected. What the Shop Hascompleted is in some ways not revolutionary, as it uses older technologies likeRFID tags. However, at the Exact Same time, by utilizing present technology infresh ways, they’ve altered the experience of shopping. For that I respect thebrand.

And it is also why a lot of other major fashion manufacturers are takinga look at integrating technology that is similar.  


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