Technology: the specific information they are looking

Technology: Curse or Gift? Technology has completely changed the world and communication, more specifically it has changed the way students interact in a classroom.

Technology in the classrooms has affected the way that students learn, interact with others, and has decreased the use of paper. Although technology has helped students with many different tasks, it also has impaired some students. Many students have also become life-dependant on technology and are complete addicted to the features that technology brings to them.Having all knowledge with just a tap of the screen or click of a button has made the lives of current students much easier. Students have been gaining more and more knowledge because of the progression of technology. The advances of technology have brought many advantages to students in the classroom.

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A student no longer has to go to the library and search through an abundance of books just for one small piece of information; he or she can just type what he or she wants to know into a search engine on the internet and have results within an instant.Students can now search through thousands of sources within the time span to search for a book and find the specific information they are looking to find. The knowledge of obtaining knowledge has developed immensely over the past few years. Students can learn faster and more efficiently with the recent progress in technology.

More and more schools are becoming more tech savvy in the classroom. Since the fall of 2011, Lutheran High North, a high school in Houston, Texas, eliminated the use of books and relied solely on the new iPads for classroom use.Lutheran High North is the very first school in Texas to completely utilize technology for learning. This particular high school uses iPads instead of books. The school utilizes many of the apps, found in the Apple app store, to help teach and get the students more involved in class.

The iPads in class give the students more responsibility too. The students of Lutheran High North are now trusted to not be surfing the web or on a social networking site during the class, but given the fact that they are teenagers, this trust is broken in many occasions.Many students still are constantly playing games, on a social network, or just surfing the internet during class, instead of paying attention, taking notes, and using the iPads to look up topics that are relevant to the class (Hibberd). Technology has not only made learning easier for students, it has also made interaction between students better. Students are now able to stay in contact with each other 24/7.

Now there are no barriers separating students from one another. A student can simply email, text, call, or even video chat anyone they wish too.Social networks have developed enormously due to the progression of technology. Many students rely on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr to receive their daily news, gossip, fashion trends, and even more.

These social networks have also connected student who are from different places to be closer together. Students can just post a status, tweet, or send a message to anyone they wish (Carte). This connection sounds wonderful, but there is always a catch. Recently cyber bullying has become a huge issue with teens.Bullying in schools has always and will always be a problem to many students, but social networks have now opened up a new way for students to hurt others even more. Cyber bullying allows students to say rude or snide comments about others anonymously. This trend of cyber bullying is growing faster and faster each day. Many students are tormented and harassed by others through social networks, texting, and blogs.

Cyber bullying allows the bully to hide behind a “mask” or profile.Being behind this “mask” gives the bully more freedom, the bully can say more through a social network because he or she is normally too afraid to say something in person (“Cyber bullying”). This argument can be easily solved.

With technology in the classrooms, schools are blocking social networking sites. Many schools do this so they are able to monitor what the students say and do while on the network. Cyber bullying has actually seen a decline in schools because of this monitoring in some schools.Technology has not just helped education and social factors with students; it has also made many schools and students more environmentally friendly. Through the use of iPads, tablets, cell phones, laptops and many more electronic devices, students are becoming more “green” as many say (Swallow).

Students are currently getting more involved with the planet and keeping it healthy, by doing so, many students think that through the use of new technology they are depleting the need and use for paper. This is true.Technology has given the students the knowledge of being environmentally friendly and through that knowledge many students have taken part and are happy to use tablets, cell phones, and computers instead of the traditional p en and paper. By using technology the need for paper is eliminated. Students can now simply email their homework to a teacher, take notes on their tablet or laptop, and much more thus eliminating the use of paper.

They can also download an e-book instead of buying a hard copy of the book also decreasing the amount of paper used.Even with the use of paper going down, is the use of electricity going up? Many people argue that even though technology has almost eliminated the use of paper, the use of electricity to power these new cell phones, computers, and tablets cost even more than it would to use paper and a pen. Not only have they increased the amount of electricity needed, many e-books cost more than the actual hard copy of a book. This also raises the expenses of a “technology user. ” The use of electricity goes up thus causing the user to pay more in electricity and it causes more gases and toxins to be emitted into the air.

Even though the rise of electricity will go up possibly, the use of paper and trees will decrease. Due to the decrease in paper use, fewer trees are need to be cut down. Now, because more trees are living, the might be seeing brighter days. Trees help cleanse the air of toxins.

The more electricity toxins people put in the air now is cleaned up from the trees that we able to live (Swallow). In conclusion, technology advances should be in the classrooms of student across the U. S and the world. Although technology is expensive, it provides good resources for students around the world.Many students benefit from the uses of technology. Technology allows students to interact more in the classroom setting. It also allows students to be able to connect to thousands of people around the world, and it is said to be environmentally friendly to use technology. Technology has opened up a whole new world to learning and to students.

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