Technology in making technology ¨Vulgar¨ (Doc 5).

Technology is things created by humans that can make our lives easier or solve problems. Technology is also the use of knowledge to invent new devices or tools. During the Neolithic era, people used flints to make tools and weapons for hunting, fishing, and other daily activities. Axes were used for clearing land and cutting down trees for agriculture. Axes were also great weapons to fend off enemies and animals.

Throughout history, technology had made people lives easier. The Hans and Romans both felt that technology was important. Both Han and Roman officials used technology to benefit the public and both saw the utility in investing in technology.However, they both had a different attitude toward technology.  The Han was proud of their technology and the people who made it. The Romans, on the other hand, marveled at their civilization advancements, yet refused to glorify those who work with tools and crafts.

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Technology advancement was important to the Han dynasty than to the Roman empire. The Hans attitude toward technology was positive and they saw it as a noble work. The Hans felt that technology was a gift from the emperor. Haun Tan explains how Fuxi a mythological wise emperor invented the pestle and the mortar and in time it was improved and benefited the Han dynasty more.

Haun Tan states that ¨ the benefit was increased a hundredfold¨ (Doc 3). Huan Tan is listing the progress of technology after the emperor’s first invention. Haun Tan shows appreciation for the benefit of technology. Tu Shih a governor of Nanyang cared for the Chinese people and used technology to benefit them.

He created technology that ¨allowed people to enjoy great benefit for little labor¨ (Doc 4). There is a slight bias because it was written by a government official and Tu Shih was a part of the government, so it was possible they chose to write only the good parts of Tu Shih accomplishment. The Hans found technology as a great benefit to their culture and their way of living.

The Roman attitude, on the other hand showed no appreciation toward technology and to those who created them. Ciciero called people who took part in making technology ¨Vulgar¨ (Doc 5). This shows no respect for those who created the invention. Ciciero an upperclassmen believes that all upper-class Roman feel that technology is necessary but don’t care about those who made them. He believes that gentlemen do not work with their hands.

Ciciero is clearly biased against those who take part in creating inventions and calls a ¨ vulgar and unbecoming.¨ Seneca an upper-class Roman philosopher also doesn’t believe that tools for the crafts were invented by wise men. Seneca is not concerned about hammers and tongs because as an upperclassman it is useless to them and not important to them. Seneca is saying that it takes someone nimble and sharp to make inventions, but that these craftsmen are not the greatest minds of his day. Seneca is basically saying that as a philosopher he works with his mind to solve problems and craftsmen work with their hands to solve problems. Seneca is trying to prove that he rather work with his mind that take part in working with his hand to solve problems and that it was useless because as an upperclassmen, he would never use them.


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