Technical specific field. This is the knowledge and

Technical skill is the expertise in a specific field. This is the knowledge and ability to challenge conventional practices in any firm.

An individual is able to choose the appropriate mix of tools/technology and opportunities to determine applicability to improved performance of enterprise (Investopedia, 2013). Competencies in the technical/functional skill category are job specific competencies that drive proven high performance through quality results for a given responsibility. The competencies are often technical or operational in nature. In the study at hand the researcher used technical know-how and innovation as the competencies to measure the technical ability of managers within the ministry. Innovation is ability to challenge conventional practices by adapting traditional methods for new uses Investopedia, (2013). It creates novel solutions to problems.

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Technical know-how demonstrates knowledge of techniques, skills, equipment, procedures and materials (Cizel et al., 2007). An individual applies knowledge to identify issues and internal problems.


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