Teaching where they belong. The differences create an

Teaching and learning process is a complex process. The factors that make it complex is the diversity as well as the multicultural background of the learners where they belong. The differences create an atmosphere where the ability of the teachers to address these is to put to test (Bar-Yam, Rhoades, Sweeney, Kaput, & Bar-Yam, 2002). Teachers are known for teaching the learners with various methods, strategies and other instructional approaches to meet their individual needs. Learners to they are becoming more diverse and it is clearly evident in many classrooms today. Only educating the learners is no longer enough nowadays, because of educational setting as well as the learners are being revolutionized. As an agent for change, teachers are obliged to be multiculturally aware of the learner’s differences and encourage positive attitude and understanding as well as to respect, embrace and become sensitive to the differences of individuals. The process of this research is to gather different information that is useful to the teachers who are handling diverse learners in a multicultural classroom that will enhance their understanding and level of multicultural competence.


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