Teachers With the passage of time the

Teachers are important part of any student’s life.

From the beginning of the life there is only one person that influence student that is teacher. In our school life we face a lot of teacher that helps everyone to success in their life. In our society or all around the world teacher have a lot of respect. In students life every one face a lot of teacher some become their favorite and some are not. The teacher I face in my student life is strict, polite and cooperative teacher.In school life there were always a teacher that is everyone favorite or that is like by everyone.

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As a case of mine in the early life of my study there is always a polite teacher as well as strict also. With the passage of time the level of strictness from the teacher is increasing with time to time. There is a negative impact on our society that the teacher who are strict is villain in the eye of the society.After the school life in collage life there is a lot of teacher that are polite and cooperative.

Teacher which is like by student are mostly polite because of their teaching style. In their class the environment of class is very peaceful and funful that the most of the student want polite teacher because they help student to express their point of view and help them in their studies.The last teacher which I and some student may face is cooperative teacher. Cooperative teacher is the best of all the teacher they motivated student to do well give solution to their problems. Cooperative teacher is become the role model of some student. In any successful student there is the major part of cooperative teacher.

In my student life I face many teachers but here I mention some of are. Polite, strict and cooperative. The motive of all the teachers to help them in their student’s life as well as in their practical life. We should respect all the teacher either we like them or not.


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