TDA34-2.1: the only manner to achieve the attention

TDA34-2.1: Explain the benefits of actively promoting positive aspects of behaviour:The Social Learning Theory is based on the fact that children adopt behaviour of the adults around therefore setting a good example is the first thing all adults should try to do in working with young children. If we deal with the children destructively with them they will retort in and aggressive manner.If we always to say and thank you they are most likely to do so and if we encourage and reward sharing and caring they will receive this as optimistic behaviour. The Behaviour Theory evokes that children will respond best to positive strengthening. The attention of adults is important to children and some learn that the only manner to achieve the attention of the child is by exhibiting negative behaviour. The only occasion they fell noticed is when they are being reprimanded for undesirable behaviour.

Their sense reveals that in reiterating the unwanted behaviour they will get supplementary courtesy.If we ignore negative behaviour (as far as it is safe) but rewards positive behaviour then chid acknowledges that more attention is gained through good behaviour. This can be done by giving stickers to the pupils whom are behaving in a good manner. Praising a child will reinforce their behaviour so it is vital to demonstrate this frequently.

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Self-Fulfilling Prophesy Theory is based upon the view the adults take of a child. If a child is constantly told they are ‘bad’, ‘naughty’ or ‘silly’ they often consider themselves as just that and reign them to nurture nothing better.TDA34-2.2: Demonstrate ways of establishing ground rules with children and young people which underpin appropriate behaviour and respect for others:The learners have no choice but to adhere to the rules as they are bound to the principals. This method does fail to acknowledge the teachers experience is understanding the dynamics of groups and how the teacher could provide a valuable contribution to ground rules which consider the needs of individual learners.

This technique may also prevent the teacher from distributing an operative lesson as deliberation may not have been applied as to whether the rules are appropriate for the teaching environment.For instance considering the actual content of the lesson to be delivered and forgetting to include the health and safety to the learners.TDA34-2.3: Demonstrate strategies for promoting positive behaviour according to the policies and procedures of the setting:In our setting there are various manner to promote positive behaviour. For example, if a child is following the rule and conduct then they will be rewarded with a sticker or even a comment in their home school communication book, to inform their parents. The child is always praised in front of the class, this to encourage all the other children to also act good.

TDA34-2.4: Demonstrate realistic, consistent and supportive responses to children and young people’s behaviour:It is vital to be consistent in response to a child’s behaviour because if you see a child misbehaving then it is our duty to explain that their action is not acceptable. Nevertheless, we shouldn’t retain effective the child that they are mischievous, as they will initiate to disobey additional. If the youngster begins to behave in a good manner then it is vital to admiration them.

Also, you have to be sympathetic in retort to child’s behaviour because there is always a reason behind why the are misbehaving in the first place and if your showing the child that your supporting them and understand why they’re misbehaving and child will learn to become aware of how they behaving.TDA34-2.5: Provide an effective role model for standards of behaviour expected children, young people and adults within the setting:To ensure that we are effective role models for the pupils, we have to promote good behaviour skills.

It is the quality of the staff’s interactions with the students that will make the biggest impact on students’ behaviour. With the following here would be some key factors on how to raise standards of behaviour, however they must be kept consistent.


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