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Wicca has descended from the Ancient Mystery Religions, that is, it is descended from religious practices where the personal experience and responsibility is encouraged, taught and expected. Everyone in the Ancient Mystery Religions was encouraged, taught and expected to develop and maintain a positive attitude towards then with the Gods. (TheMagicSprite, 1974) The idea that these Ancient Religions were “Mystery” religions merely conveys the concept that the experiences associated with the religions were very hard to communicate in words, nothing uncommon or new to any religion.Even Christ spoke in parables, that in part because the concepts he tried to convey were not easy to explain in words. Unlike other mystery religions, among which might be included Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism, the Wicca religion originated in the West and has a western flavor. The God and Goddess of the Wicca religion is linked to Nature and women are generally held in higher esteem among the Wicca than among the prevalent world religions, especially in Islam and Christianity. (Hansen, 1969) Covens that worship only a God or only a Goddess are not traditional among they Wicca.

The Wicca religion is a religion of personal responsibility and growth. Each initiate takes on his or her own obligation to lifelong personal development. Each individual Wicca must work hard to achieve whatever is best for him/herself. This is each person’s personal obligation and the best one can conceive for one’s self. Wicca must find their “True Will”, i. e. , what is best for them. Such a task is not easy and requires much honesty, courage and hard work, but the effort when successful is very rewarding.

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As you can see from what has been described, the true Wicca religion is very different from the idea that the general public has of “Witchcraft. ” There are no ugly old ladies with broomsticks casting evil spells or individuals in league with the devil. The Wicca Religion is a religion of free spirit that practices and celebrates a communion with Nature and that expresses and experiences its oneness with God through that communion. It has ritual, but the Wicca religion is filled with gaiety and merriment.The Wicca goal is comprised of a lifelong task towards personal development, an enjoyment of life and of living itself perhaps just for the sake of living and being alive.

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