Task nine-storey shopping mall, an office tower,



Paragon is a limited liability partnership because it had owned by a
corporation. Then, the corporation dispatches some member to management it.

It is owned
by Hunza Properties Berhad.

During the
construction process, it was once opposed by the local residents and the Penang
Monuments Trust. In the process of construction, there has also been serious
subsidence. As a result, the road section in local suffered a serious collapse
and was ordered to suspend work by the Penang Municipal Council (now Penang
Island City Hall), causing the booking of the mall opening in 2012 to be
postponed to July 2013 Only opened.

It had set
to be the new premier shopping, entertainment, office and luxury residential
address in Penang. It was launched in 2013, it is a mixed development
comprising a 700,000 sq. ft. a nine-storey shopping mall, an office tower, and
two high-end residential towers.

It is
located on Gurney Drive, a marina that can enjoy the stunning seascape views
and cool sea breezes. But the most special for it was built around and inspired
by converted into the former St. Joseph’s Novitiate, an area for fashion’s
restaurants and cafes steeped in the architecture of Penang’s heritage.

 Gurney Paragon is belong to combine another
retailer to sales the quantity. It had rent the shop front to retailer can
sales their quantity.











Task 1

Task 1.2





and Accounting Department

management: accounting and finance department sets up treasury management
policy to be adopted by all who come in contact with cash or cash equivalent.
Include in the treasury management are things like the level of risk that can
be assumed by the firm at any point in time.

Resource Department

~ Keeping Good
Working Condition: It is the duty of the human resource management to provide
good working conditions to the employee make they like the workplace and the
work circumstance. HR management should build up with a system to provide
financial and non-financial benefits to the employee from all departments.  The employee welfare is another notion which
should be managed by HR. Employee welfare increase job satisfaction.

and Marketing Department

Marketing: A customer focused marketing process that is a based on using the
Internet, intranets, and extranets to establish two-way transaction between a
business and its customers or potential customers.

Management Department

Provide resources and expertise to support the acquisition: Online support and
handle of the physical assets required by the organisation. Provide inputs to
asset planning, take a role in major acquisitions and developments and provide
the systems and facilities needed to support assets throughout their life.


Technology Department

~ Network: The IT team develops and
operates a network to support valid communication and coordination.
Increasingly, they are deploying the latest Internet Protocol networks with the
capability to input all voice, data, video and Internet traffic on a single





Task 2.1


Department: Human resource department


How to reduce
the operation costs:

          (software) is a very important and necessary software
in the human resource (HR) department. It helps an organization to reduce a lot
of costs and times by improving the productivity and efficiency of HR
department. (software) contains many basic functions such as payroll, recruiting,
training, benefits and so on. Therefore, it is very convenient for HR
department in making decisions because all of the employee data and information
are stored into the system which can be accessed from anywhere.

          Payroll system is a major function of
the (software). It helps to reduce costs and times because it can automates the
payroll process by gathering data of the employee attendance and calculate the
complex payroll wages such as shift premiums and overtime. It also eliminate
errors by issuing cheques or payroll deposits to all of the employee accurately
and quickly. With this software, it makes the payroll process much easier and
reduce human errors.

          Recruiting is also a very important
components of the (software). It helps to reduce the operation costs by select
the talent and experienced applicants to fill in the vacancies. The selected
applicants will reduce the training and developing costs because they have the
basic knowledge. Internet recruitment is the one of the solutions to save costs
by posting the vacancies to the organization website. It helps to save costs
and time as the data entry and paperwork practically disappear.

         Training and development is a part of
components of the (software). Good training and development provide to employee
can reduce the operational cost. (software) can analyze the employee work
performance so that it can provide training for those employee who are lack of
knowledge and skills. Therefore, it can save a lot of costs and increase the
productivity of the organization.





Sales and Marketing


How to reduce
the operational costs:

 is a very important software in the Sales and
Marketing department. It helps improve the productivity and efficiency of Sales
and Marketing department. Therefore, it is very convenient for Sales and
Marketing department in making decisions because they can do easily for
promotion and banner.

It helps company no need promotion to advertising
everywhere and also no need find another business to help advertise for
promotion. It also helps company decrease time to think how to advertise. It
helps employee can design the promotion more beautifully. With this software,
it makes the promotion process much easier and reduce the cost of transport.

The company can use it to advertise the banner fastly.
It also helps company decrease print poster and also advance environmental
protection. It helps employee easily to edit the banner and save the time. Therefore,
it can save a lot of costs and increase the productivity of the organization.



Name           : Soo Yong Han

Department               : Human resource department

system   :

Feature/Function       :

This software
helps to make the recruiting process much convenient. It can accept the online
applicant forms which contain their information such as work history,
educational background and so on. This software can filter the applications and
select the most qualified applicant for the vacancy accurately. It will
generated offer letters and send it to the qualified applicants for the
interview process by email.


Department                : Sales & Marketing

System   :

Feature/Function        :

Sales &
Marketing department is responsible for attracting, identifying and retaining
customers. Gurney Paragon company manage their responsibilities and focus in
the areas of promotion and advertising. With this system, they can create a
good banner which can raise the awareness customers and persuade them to try
and buy the product. In the Gurney Paragon website, they will post the upcoming
events and promotions which provide many benefits for the customers such as
discount, free gift and so on.

Task 2.2

Name            : Goh Wei Zhuang

Department                : Human Resources Department

system   :


The …system is
used because it provide employees benefit plan. Offering benefits to employees in a company is
important because it shows them you are invested in not only their overall
health, but their future. A great employee
benefits package can help to bring and keep talent. Benefits can help you
differentiate your business from competitors. Employees benefit plan can
improve a company performance, example if a company sponsor a medical check up
every months for their employees, they will be more healthier and so employees
with lower health risk they will serve customer more happily and improve
company’s reputation and gain more profit.
There is more benefit plans for employees such as health insurance coverage,
dental care plan coverage, retirement plan and others.


Department                : Sales & Marketing

Information System   :


This ..system is a part of business strategy that able
to let customer know more about the company product through advertising.
Advertising is very important to a company, many company will invest a lot of
money because it have many functions. Advertising will influence customer to
know more about the company and will have interest toward the company’s
product. Next, with advertising it will stimulates the development of better
products. Example, with advertising Gurney Paragon has enhance their


Name           : Ko Ming Jie

Department               : Human Resource Department

System  :

Feature/function        :

The ———–
system is used by the company because it putting right number of people to do
certain job, it also put right kind of people at the right place, right time
and doing the right things. Doing the right things will help an organisation to
achieve it goals. It also helps to design training programmes and analysing the
current manpower inventory. With this system it provide the information more
clearly and surely helps a company to earn even more profit. A manpower
planning is very important for a company is because if a right person doing the
right things is wont waste too many cost and time of a company. For paragon it
hire technician to standby for emergency example like blackout, elevator broke
down. The technician will always come and solve the problem right away. For
security they hire guard that professionally trained for the mal safety.

Department               : sales and marketing

system  :

Feature/function       :

The ———–
system is very common for a company is because they advertise using visual or
audio form to promote or sell their product and also some company use banner to
advertise their event to attract people to join them on the certain date. It
usually held on road side and some are a big wall. And for some big event like
Chinese new year, paragon will advertise their promotion via Youtube and
sending message to all of the member card holder to inform them what promotion
and event coming up and always keep the information up to date.  


Student Name           : Lee Fung Waai

Department               : Human Resource Department

System  :

Feature /
Function     :

system will automatic plan a training programme for the new employee according
to their education, qualifications, and skills of the employees, and analyse
out what kind of training can building up their weakness. This system will also
helps the training specialist on the good decision making on choosing the right
ways to train the new employee. This training system helps the new employee to
be ready on dealing with the unexpected, make them familiar to the job and make
less mistake with the slogan “Train To Be The Best”. One of the training is
giving some questions to train the employees on how to answer the questions
wisely from the customer.


Department               : Sales and marketing department

System  :

Feature /
Function     :

This system will
automatically post the advertisement, incoming events and sales promotions on
many website such as www.facebook.com with just a click. This system will helps
the sales and marketing department to plan the event for the organisation with
the purpose of attracting consumer to consume at Gurney Paragon. This system
will also helps the marketing department to plan the price of the sales target
to earn profit.



Student Name             : Lai Hong Qi

Department                 : Human Resource

Information System    :

Feature / Function       :

will help company save the time because it can automatically calculate the wage
of employees of all department. It also can reduce error for accounting and
assets department and get easily to company. Bring benefit and many function to

Department                 : Sales and Marketing

System    :

Feature /
Function       :

will help company can faster disseminate their promotion to customer than other
business. The company also can save the money of poster and cost of transport.
It also can raise environmental
protection activities. The company also can use Facebook, Instagram, YouTube,
to disseminate their promotion or banner in same time.









System       :

Type of
output/report    : Salary slip

Content                          : Employee

To whom                       : Employee of the

Purpose                          :

This system can
calculates the employee salary by gathering their work hours and attendance
information. It automatically works out various of taxes and other deductions
and generate the salary slip for the employee in the organization. Salary slip
is very important because it is a proof for multiple purposes such as seeking a
new job and allow a person to apply for a loan from bank.


System       :

Type of
output/report    : Attend of employee

Content                          : Employee work time

To whom                       : Employee of the

Purpose                         :

information system can help company check the employee for all department is
working or not. It can help the company identify good or bad easily to prevent
the company is facing difficulties. Attend of the employee is important because
it can affect the future of the company.


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