Task grow up, some more common than others,

Task 2 Assessment criteria 2.1
A number of factors influence children or young person’s development such as
Their health
Their environment

Starting with the Background, children come from a range of different cultures and circumstances which can affect their emotional and intellectual development and their ability to learn; many children go through significant changes as they grow up, some more common than others, some change country, parents divorce, bereavement, illness, new baby or a step parent are just a few examples.
Health, A child with poor health or a physical disability or impairment, may feel more restricted and don’t have the same opportunities of learning as their peers, so it’s important that adults recognise and are aware of their needs in order to insure they are taking part in all activities and feel included.
Poverty and depravation; poverty is proven to have a negative effect on a child’s development and are less likely to have great achievements as their basic needs aren’t always met.
Personal choices play an important role as they grow older, a positive family background, extra curriculum activities and social groups they join will have a great impact in the choices they make.
Looked after/children in care; children who are in care are affected in many ways and are closely monitored and discussed about their development, the way they settle and if they meet the expected level of progress.
Education; many children may come from different country where they start compulsory a bit later; they may need additional support in order to become more settled.

Many children and their families go through significant chances which will affect their development such as illness, moving house, family break up or changing country. All children respond differently in these situations.
If there are any concerns regarding a pupil’s development, the class teacher should be informed in first instance and then SENCO, but usually the class teacher will consequently raise the concern further with SENCO and also the parents must be informed always of the issues raised.


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