Task only one who got it from

Task 1
It’s all about me, mystery box autobiography

Item 1:
Multi-tool given to me by my grandad which was passed down from his dad. This item is important to me as I was the only one who got it from all the 14 cousins, it means a lot to me as it shows that my grandfather wanted me to have it and I was more deserving than others. He believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself. I gives me motivation to go out and accomplish what I thought I could ever do, as long as I have the multi-tool nearby I feel unstoppable.
Item 2:
A full tool box kit from my father. This item allows me to be prepared for future problems and I will always be ready to attack problems with the right tools, cause if you don’t have the right tools for the job then you will struggle. Being gifted this item from my father means a lot as he wants to prepare me for future situations and problems that occur in my life. It also helps with the profession I want to go into, as construction always need the right tools for the job otherwise you struggle.
Item 3:
My third item was given to me from school here at Ulverstone High School, it was a work wear bundle we got for our construction VET course. We got a shirt, shorts and some boots all for free, this items is special as it shows the school actually cares about us and we aren’t just a number. It prepares us for the journey we go on after school such as apprenticeships, traineeships and many other jobs. They have set us up for our first few years out of school if we continue doing what we aspire to do.
Item 4:
The last item I’m talking about is my shoe collection, as I am always letting it grow. I show interest in my shoes as I believe the shoes themselves show individual stories and represents how you feel or want to look. I have roughly 22 pairs of shoes and not a single one of them are the same, all being designed differently and all the thought that goes into the design of the shoes. All the different people who created the shoe, are very different form one another and yet the can still come together to design and create a shoe for the love of the passion. Shoes are a big category all over the world, everyone has their own style and that’s why the sneaker community love this niche for.

Task 2
Micro Stories

handy, helpful, treasured, hand me down, inspiring, work, pressure, strength, family, old, used, heirloom, strong, rusty, holder, trusty.

Multi-tool; work; strong. Treasured family heirloom.

Task 3
What is a memory?

Part A:

1. My earliest memory is of my dad and I travelling to Rockhampton, QLD in his work truck. He hopped out of the truck at the fuel station to get us a snack, I was looking at dad’s coins because they were different and a 20 cent piece fell into my mouth and I couldn’t get it out until I swallowed.

2. Images that are stuck in my head are more of achievements then traumatic experiences as they seem to have just gone from my mind. Many achievements I remember thoroughly includes me getting awarded my Scout Medallion, getting my first, second job, getting my license also completing several 30km hike journey as well as buying my own car. I also remember the struggle I went through as a kid always moving houses and schools until we settled down after moving form QLD.

3. What activates my memories? Many things activate my memories by simply the smell, location or words that are said. For example when I was walking down the street I was near a bakery and all you could smell was freshly baked bread, a few minutes later a fight broke out and scarred me mentally as I was only 6 years old and when I pass a bakery with the same smell all I can remember is that bloody, disgusting mess which broke out in front of me. The smell of that bakery triggers my memories of that event. I also remember times where my dad would say the same sentence but he would say it with different meanings, so when he says it I remember the past times he has said it so I can figure out the meaning of what he’s saying

Part B:
This memoir is a text exerpt from “I am Malala by Malala Yousafzai”. It introduces many feelings and emotions very early into the story line and really make you feel like you are in her shoes. She shows many examples of conventions used for instance allusions, how she sets the location and feeling of the environment. As well as


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