Tamar go through a traditional school system.

Tamar Louris
Prof. Lewis
ENGL 1133
6 November 2018
Against School Analysis
“Against School” by John Taylor Gatto is a short story that tries to persuade its audience into believing that our current school system is not efficient. Gatto believes that the biggest issue in schools is boredom. He argues that in order to become educated, traditional schooling is not always necessary, and supports his argument by giving various examples of successful people who did not go through a traditional school system. Gatto also includes testimonies from students who agree with his initial argument of boredom. These students say that they are focused on earning good grades, rather than learning.
John Taylor Gatto believes that the main problem in schools is boredom. He asked students in his class why they felt bored in school. The students responded by saying “the work was stupid, that it made no sense, that they already knew it.” (Gatto). The students also believed that the teachers were not interested or well informed in the subjects they taught and were also bored themselves. Gatto believes that teachers who are passionate and knowledgeable in their subjects will help students become more interested in learning rather than earning grades.


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