Talking to both academics and non-academics. This case

Talking about instruction and selecting appropriate media, the subject of homework is one of the most controversial issues in education. Homework is practiced due to the fact that there is a limited amount of time in school day to cover everything on the curriculum. Furthermore, homework serves as a venue for learning extension, where students can practice a newly learned skill in school, prepare themselves for future lesson and review lessons covered. Others claimed that, non-academic benefits such as developing time-management skill, self-discipline promoting and increase in parent-child bonding was made possible through homework.
Although homework is beneficial to both academics and non-academics. This case is not always true to all. Younger students, such those in elementary level find homework leisure-grabbing. Instead of making most of their free time enjoying their youth, they are burdened of the thought of accomplishing homework.
Think about this, does covering everything on curriculum necessary if it is being relearned in succeeding grade levels? Mastery or meaningful learning should be given more emphasis, instead of simply instilling rote learning. Does it allow meaningful learning if it is the parent does the task instead of the student? Does assigning too lengthy math problems accomplish any more than assigning five? Is memorizing word list the best way to increase vocabulary-especially when it takes away from reading time? Does practicing a newly learned skill through homework truly purposeful if instruction and media selection does not go well with the objective? Does assigning them to prepare themselves for the future lesson proven to increase their motivation to learn?
The truth, according to Sara Bennett and Nancy Kalish, authors of the book entitled The Case for And Against Homework (2006) is that there is almost no evidence that homework helps elementary school students achieve academic success and little more that it helps older students. It robs children of the sleep, play, and exercise time they need for proper physical, emotional, and neurological development.


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