Sports have been an unusual “utopia” for any athlete. But for these two, the sport isn’t just “utopia” but is life for them.

Charlemagne Amorante proved that with humility you can win. Even after various wins, she never counted her medals. “Ginagawa ko lang po yung sinasabi ng coach. Yun lang po talaga.” She smiled as she spilled her secret in winning.

While for Juliana Liwanag, she is never hindered despite every loss. “Alam ko dadating din ako sa puntong mananalo ako. Konting training pa.” She said with a gleam of hope in her eyes.

Even major setbacks come, they never give up. Let us be inspired with the two, that even in losses, they never lose hope. In the sport taekwondo, even in taek-win or lose, they’ll never stop for taekwondo is life!


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