Tablets cause health problems, but actually it

Tablets and textbooks have been of great importance in our society, but recently people have been debating whether schools should make the switch from textbooks to tablets in classrooms. Although most people would say that the use of tablets in classrooms would be distracting to students and cause health problems, but actually it would benefit the students because you have multiple sites and resources to get information from as well as it would cost less in the long run being that you have to update textbooks so often to keep up with the changing of information. In today’s society, everyone of all ages cling to some kind of technology, whether it is for Instagram, Facebook, or even Pinterest. According to the CBS News, more than forty percent of students or teachers use some sort of technology in their advanced placement and national writing project classrooms (“Schools Shift to Tablets”) Tablets can hold up to hundreds of sources that students would be able to use on a daily basis, eliminating the storage for books in classrooms.

“The average tablet contains anywhere from eight to sixty-four GB of storage space” (“Tablets vs. Textbooks”).

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