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Table of Contents TOC o “1-3” h z u Introduction: PAGEREF _Toc508742048 h 2Strong AI PAGEREF _Toc508742049 h 2Weak AI PAGEREF _Toc508742050 h 3Economy: PAGEREF _Toc508742051 h 3Cyber Security: PAGEREF _Toc508742052 h 4Conclusion: PAGEREF _Toc508742053 h 5References PAGEREF _Toc508742054 h 7Introduction:Artificial intelligence has progressed over the years rapidly. As science technology has improved from customer service representative to robots in Saudi Arabia, whereas in our daily lives use of SIRI and robots that have human-like characteristics. Companies like Google, IBM have come up with other recent inventions such as Google Home and Watson weapons. It’s long term goal is to achieve all cognitive tasks that humans can perform. Example from solving equations to playing chess.Even though there are new opportunities and growth of economy, individual, and society’s life, some of the technological advances in AI will lead to unemployment and increase in inequality over the long term. This report will further look into how economy is affected and by benefits of AI and its costs.

For any possible attacks, AI system will manage to push back its threat on an organizations’ hardware, software systems, mobile devices that is to the internet. This report will further investigate Cyber security related to AI.Strong AIThe principle behind Strong AI is that the machines could be made to think or in other words could represent human minds in the future. This means in the future we shall see machines can think and reason just like humans.

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Weak AI It may behave and function similar ways a human would, but the system does not have enough capacity, to know how humans think because they have narrow applications. Our current artificial intelligence systems are not intelligent. They can make decisions and solve problems in a very limited area but give them anything outside of that scope, and you may as well ask a sack of bricks for its opinion. An example of this would be Apple iPhone Siri. Economy:It is difficult to know today, how jobs will be affected by increase in AI.

As, it is attached with many other technologies hence, making it a collection of technology that can be applied to specific tasks. It might create demand for some skills as well as increasing productivity for workers. As an advantage to AI, it might create jobs for many individuals hence, creating a demand for higher income and better economy for the country. Low skilled workers, low paid, and less educated are the ones facing higher threat by advancing of AI technology. One of the recent projects that AI is self-driving cars, as its main aim is to make driving safe, although it’s difficult to have all variables for real life case but not impossible for this technological advance which will benefit the economy and secure environment for humans to live in.

However, the above example has some downfalls to it, as most low skilled workers that make a living out of it will be losing their jobs, example motorists, taxi drivers etc. This might affect the current employment rates but to overcome this they can retrain these workers.Besides, professionals can benefit from this in industries like healthcare. For example, nurses and doctors can spend quality time with patients while reducing time allocated for other tasks in the administrative departments. Perhaps technology is changing so quickly that people are slow to grasp which skills they might need, or don’t understand that the demand for skilled labor will only grow.

“But I don’t think labour is that stupid,” says Grusky. For instance, if you are born in a poor neighborhood where you don’t have good schools to get the quality knowledge to get into good universities which could get you better skilled jobs. If workers aren’t equipped to do the jobs that technology is creating, he says, “it’s because our institutions are failing us.”Cyber Security:Many companies have increasingly been using AI technology to improve its security.

This transformation process is available in companies as they have networks that could learn from its own expansion of knowledge which will then enhance the company to make use of its improvements in security and other needs of the company. In several companies AI security has an opportunity to grow and evolve.A recent example is Amazon, which has a component introduced for digital assistant called Alexa.

Amazon has also purchased AI cybersecurity company With the use of algorithms can gather more information on data of other businesses with documents. After which it can learn various behaviour of each user. It also helps prevent big data loss and secure it against cyber-attacks. IBM’s Watson is also another example of AI cybersecurity. It has been trained to incorporate clients from different industries and is now available to all companies that need security needs.In the earlier stages of AI, it could detect only 85% threats from the system, and with over time and advanced in using of AI technology it is projected to detect 100%.

It is known to work well for this application is because of its processing of huge amount of information when compared to humans. With continuous improvements the AI cybersecurity program can record and analyse will be more than a human. Also, with time, AI can learn and improve an original version of cybersecurity and cope well with new threats, vast information and in securing documents.AI can process and identify threats faster than humans. For example, IBM Watson takes 15minutes to create a security analysis and respond to a cyber threat, when compared with human it could take us about a week. There are also ethical and legal issues to consider, such as who bears responsibility for the actions of an autonomous or intelligent machine, in the field.It’s by no means a clear picture yet, but the future of artificial intelligence in cyber security applications certainely promises to be interestingConclusion:The increase technological advances in AI will have benefits and its challenges in different areas, however, we have seen that humans have learnt how to adapt to the changes sooner or later.

This will further be noted that the benefits will outweigh the challenges. In my opinion, we should learn how to prepare for and try avoiding future risk than only we could save society from increase in AI technology users creating worse scenarios. As it might be dangerous, if it starts creating weapons that could be out of control making a war zone.However, some of the optimists predict that AI will create 500,000 more jobs from a 2017 Gartner report. As much as the economy is growing at a fast pace, more AI gives competition to employees to learn more and advance with their skills to work well with the advancing technology. This has become very important as people show interest at their workplace to learn about the automated machines, which is the reason for the growth and increase in demand for skilled workers in AI industry.

As mentioned above, low skilled workers will fall but this will also bring about new career options and industries will invent something new. For example, how our parents struggled to predict the future of social media forums like Facebook, snapchat etc its hard to tell what jobs will be created by advancement of AI in the future.References BIBLIOGRAPHY Delgado, R., 2017. Artificial Intelligence,or AI is becoming an ever increasingly useful tool for companies.

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