Table help in easing depression. The researchers

Table 9 shows the factor that affect to the learning performance of the students to their emotional aspect. Data reveals that “students frequently use smart phones and smart tablet to ease their depression” got the highest WM of 2.2 which corresponds to Moderate Extent.

Students who often feel extremely anxious if they left their smart phone or smart tablet at home” got the second highest WM of 2.16 which corresponds to Moderate Extent. On the other hand “students who frequently feel panic if they have limited accessibility to their phone or smart tablet” got the lowest WM of 1.88 only which corresponds to Moderate Extent. It conforms to the study by Marla Paul (2017) Intel-care, a novel suite of thirteen speedy mini-apps reporting that using smart phones up to four times a day can help to ease depression. The apps in the smart phones gives exercises to ease stress, to diminish worrying and self-criticism, help to feel life more meaningful, highlight strengths and a plan for a good night’s sleep and more.

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Most apps provide many features that offer’s variety of entertainment that will surely help in easing depression. The researchers also found companion on their smart phones. It serves as their stress reliever and helps them reduce their anxiety and depression.

According to Aatif Sulleyman smart phones are gateways to the sites and services that people can access the content quickly that is important to them. Students feel panic due to smartphone separation is becoming the increasingly widespread problem, said by the researchers. Nomophobia is a term that describes to the people that feels panic when they are unable to use their smart phones or smart tablet because they rely to those devices. Due to smart phone separation, the students can feel uneasy or panic because their smart phones is their comfort wherein they can browse information, communicate with others and many more. Smart phones and smart tablets are devices that can help to control depression, because users got entertained and with this they forgot their problems that cause their depression. Based on the data gathered interpreted by the researchers, they found out that there is a need to propose a particular program as a remediation to the problem which is to conduct a Seminar.


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