Table of the community. However, countries in the

Table 4.2 describes the current practice of solid waste management system in Mekane Selam Town administration. Accordingly, 149(60.

1%) of the respondents strongly agree to the current solid waste management in the town is traditional whereas, 50(20.2%) agree to the statement some respondents 26(10.5%) choose to neutral, while the reaming 15(6.0%) and 3(1.2%) responded strongly disagree and disagree respectively.

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Current waste-management industry in the developed world has come far, and with recycling and other advances it will continue to grow and change with the needs of the community. However, countries in the developing world have up till now to see many of these changes to their own solid-waste management systems McAllister,Jessica,(2015).Today the management of waste circumstance in developing world is quite poor: there SWMs in this countries are more challenge of environment found in past solid waste management’s in the urbanization world. Traditionally, the municipalities have been in accusing of as long as SWM services in developing countries (Al-khatibet al., 2009) This implies that majority respondents responded that currently solid waste management system is traditional as well as open space and sensitive area in the study area.To support the above idea the interviewees of the two selected kebekle executive leaders stated that within the town there is a huge amount of solid waste to the source of condensed residents it is obvious to seen every dwellers are dispose solid waste near the house ,collect and burnt simply their isn’t awareness to selected waste to decompose or none decompose part all are thrown in the way of traditional system this implies that most of town residents came from around the town rural areas and there is no permanent or temporary disposal space in addition to lack of awareness.


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