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SwissChalet Survey is now available online to make your unhappy moments memorable!SwissChalet Survey aims to know the reasons of your unhappy experiences at theirrestaurant. Swiss Chalet wants you to point out the mistakes happen by staffand the problems you face when you visit the restaurant. Swiss Chalet Survey isavailable online not to improve the services of their restaurant but also to makeregular customers happy and satisfied. It is an opportunity, for those havingworse experience at Swiss Chalet restaurant, to share their thoughts andopinions. Swiss Chalet Survey helps the company in maintaining the reputationof restaurant and quality of their products.Wantto avail a discounted offer? Let’s fill out Swiss Chalet Survey!Tellthe company if you recommend it to your friends and family or share the reasonsfor not recommending.

The customer’s suggestions plays an important role in theoverall development and of the restaurant. You do not fill the survey for freebecause there is always some reward for your help. In return, Swiss Chaletoffers you a reward for filling their survey by sparing your five minutes.After you complete the Swiss Chalet Survey, you receive a validation code andyou redeem it to avail an offer in the next visit. So get ready to answer thesurvey questions and claim your offer at any Swiss Chalet restaurant branch. Follow the steps to complete the Swiss Chalet Survey!You need to find the receipt of your last visit to initiatethe Swiss Chalet Survey.

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You cannot start the survey without receipt because ithas your survey code which is written at the bottom.1)  Youneed a device that must be connected to a working internet as it is an onlinesurvey you cannot attempt it offline.2)  Open thegiven link:www.swisschaletfeedback.

com3)  Thelanding page gives you option between “English” and “Francais” to continue inyour preferred language.1)  Afteryou select your language the next page opens in your selected language. It asksyou to write the full 14 digit access code that you have, mentioned in yourlast visit’s receipt.

1)  Whenyou enter the 14 digit code correctly press “Start” button.2)  Thesurvey questions starts to appear on your screen. Answer all the questions tillthe end.3)  Afteryou complete the survey, it asks you to fill your personal information.

4)  In theend, a validation code appears on your screen. You need to note it downcarefully to avail the ongoing offer in your next visit.  VisitSwiss Chalet to enjoy rotisserie chicken and beef!SwissChalet is a chain of Canadian dining restaurants that came to being in Toronto,Ontario in the early 1950s. Cara operations is the parent company that isrunning this chain of Canadian Cuisine. They were running more than 200restaurant in Canada in 2005.

The signature item of Swiss Chalet is RotisserieChicken, roasted chicken breast or leg piece that is served with Chalet sauce.Restaurant also serves dishes other than chicken like Rotisserie beef, beefribs and beef burgers.


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