Survival outdoors:Don’t go inside.Get open areas where

Survival guideEarthquakes can happen almost anywhere but some places that are prone to earthquakes are:JapanNepalIndiaEcuadorPhilippinesPakistanEl SalvadorMexicoTurkeyIndonesiaWhile scientists are still trying to find more structures that can withstand earthquake,the one structure that can withstand it is a skyscraper.

Since  a skyscraper is very heavy and is very stable it can withstand the force of an earthquake.If you live in these prone earthquake areas you must be prepared anytime and anywhere for an earthquake to hit.Before an earthquake occurs you must:Ensure you have a fire extinguishers , medical aid pack, a radio, torch, and additional batteries at home.Figure out how to turn off the gas, water, and power.Make a family meeting talking about this .

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Have a first aid kid ready just in case if anyone is hurt.Subscribe to alerts services as they can alert you when the earthquake is going to happen.If an earthquake is about hit clear all your shelves so it doesn’t fall on you.Anchor heavy furnitures such as a bed,sofa etcDuring an earthquake indoors you must:Stay away from windows, outside doors and walls, and anything that could fall, such as furnitures or a hanging laterns.Do it use an elevator if you are in a building.

If you are at school or at office then get under a desk or table. Face away from windows.During an earthquake outdoors:Don’t go inside.

Get open areas where there isn’t any buildings or powerlines nearby as they can fall on you.If you are in a car then Pull over to a safe place where you are not blocking the road. Keep roads clear for rescue and emergency vehicles.Avoid bridges, overpasses, underpasses, buildings or anything that could collapse.

Turn on the radio to the channel alerts station.After the earthquake:Be ready for any aftershocksCheck yourself and others for injuries. provide first aid for anyone who needs it.Call the ambulance if you or anyone is severely hurt.Turn on the radio If there is any gas leakage and you can smell it then leave the house and get it fixed right awayYou must be careful waking walking around your house a there can be broken glass or sharp things that can stab you.Stay away from beaches as the tsunami can occur after an earthquake.If you are in school then follow the school procedure.


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