Suroor Rashid – Statement of Intent My

Rashid – Statement of Intent


application for graduate study at the Inclusive Design program at OCAD is
driven by my interest and desire to enhance human interactions. My aim is to
ultimately applications and devices that target the important social issues of
accessibility, environmental sustainability and personal health and wellness. This
would help me realize and satisfy my creativity while contributing to the
causes that motivate me.


Sheridan’s Interaction Design program intensified my passion for design. I discovered
that I possess the skills for a career in user experience design. The curriculum
equipped me with skills in user research, user experience, usability, project
management and programming which have become highly essential in the technology
driven society we live in.


am excited by the application of big data in ethnography and its
potential for innovation. I look
forward to applying the analytical skills acquired through the math and
statistic courses I took in secondary school and honed early in my career. The
challenge and stimulation that come with using data and numbers to frame and
solve problems are extremely fulfilling. Having taken math and statistic courses
during my secondary schooling years I enjoyed rigorous thinking and problem
solving. I could spend hours looking at numbers hoping to find solutions to the
problems at hand. For one of my school projects I created a Gps sole tracker.
Collaborating with another classmate, we worked on a shoe sole that would track
and map the wearers location and send those co-ordinates on a phone based on
simple tap gestures. This wanderer shoe project was to assist those likely to
wander away or forget.


After my third year at Sheridan I worked at an Asset Management
company in Toronto. The establishment has a web based platform which manages
millions of assets for cities, assets such as pipes, roads, sidewalks, trees etcetera.
It was truly intriguing to see how design and technology, in collaboration, can
help cities manage assets better. My role was to redesign the application’s
interface and perform usability tests. During this four-month co-op, I learned that
design is a continuously evolving process. Ideation, sharing, critiques, and usability testing provide
feedback which is used to fuel ongoing design iterations.

My final year thesis work was to help people overcome procrastination. I
concluded, through research and analysis, that the problem is people spending
numerous hours surfing distractive content online. I developed a Chrome extension
using purely JavaScript that limits the user’s time spent online through a
tracking system, which is triggered when the user browses distractive content.
The extension is available at the chrome store for public use.

am currently working for the insurance tech industry. How the industry operates
today is severely tedious. A simple task of acquiring a single piece of
information takes days. My role as a User Experience designer is to automate
these time-consuming processes and bridge the communication barrier for the
people involved. The application I am working on, which is the first of its
kind, aims to create a social digital space for its users.


UI design also interests me greatly. Whenever I approach a design problem, I
prioritize perspectives that are often forgotten or overlooked by the general
public. For example, when I analyze the user interface of a modern washing
machine, I may find it extremely effective for my own purposes. However, every
user has their own set of needs. The rounded buttons display many options for spin
cycles, so a blind user requiring tactile feedback would find it difficult to
turn the button without any sensory feedback. I believe
that implementing tactile and audio feedback in everyday products would greatly
extend the product usage for not only blind users but also the elderly and
vision impaired.

I am also excited by the process of conducting
usability research. My future goal is to identify how technology can be
utilized to satisfy a wide range of human needs with special consideration for
the disabled community. Sitting at home people
take a lot for granted but I do think about the little things and always try to
analyze and see the bigger picture. This has interested me greatly in Inclusive
Design at OCAD.

Going forward I am extremely concerned about
people who cannot enjoy technological advancement. I plan to focus on
developing easy to use and interactive interfaces for users with disability
needs. For my intended research, I want to create a system which would provide
a seamless shopping experience for the physically disabled. I believe they have
a stronger desire to perform day to day tasks without assistance. The intention
is to make shopping a simple enjoyable experience. I believe design alongside technology can aid in
the accessibility and better mobility for people.

quality and rigor at the Inclusive Design program will refine my abilities and
perspectives and further mold me for a career in product design and user
experience. It has one of the best curriculum’s and the right tools that suit
my needs in gaining skills for my chosen career path and where I will also be
able to bring the right experience to the classroom and student body. I am
confident that I have the skills and the drive to make the most of this program.


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