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Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP aka food stamps), is an example of a Welfare program that gives vouchers in exchange for people to purchase healthy/nutritional food. It is distributed once a month on an EBT card, which can be used at farmer markets, grocery stores, and convenience stores. According to eligibility depends on “family size, citizenship status, age, student status, and household income,” but other than that anybody can be eligible, for example someone living alone, with a roommate, homeless, low income or someone with a stable income can be eligible (no discrimination).
I do not have any new implementations for SNAP and some of the reasons are because they cater to a broad audience, they have the lowest percentage in fraud, which is one percent, and it motivates people to get a job/keep their job. The only disadvantage to SNAP would be the emotional turmoil when it comes to asking for help which causes a lot of people to miss out on great opportunities like this because of the fear of other people finding out. A personal to this is one day when I was volunteering at this food pantry this lady walked that I knew (I went to school with her daughter) and when she was walking by me to get her food she told me not to tell anybody because apparently her own daughter didn’t even know that they were struggling and she was too embarrassed to tell her. The thing is we all at some point fall on hard times and if someone thinks that they will never end up in a situation like that than they are just kidding themselves. So, I would want to change society’s mindset when it comes to receiving or giving others help.
Woman, Children, and Infant (WIC) provides supplementary foods, health care recommendations, and nutritional education for low-income pregnant mothers, breastfeeding, and non-breastfeeding post-delivery women, and to infants and children up to age five (“Women, Infants, and Children”, 2018). To be eligible for WIC the recipient would have to go through a prescreening that would entail some households earning and unearned income (i.e. child support). Then after that depending on which category the recipient fit in -Woman (pregnant or breastfeeding), Infant, and children- WIC would give the appropriate benefits needed to the recipient. According to USDA since WIC is a “short-term program participant will stop getting benefits at the end of each certification period”, which depends on pregnancy, post-partum, and/or health circumstances.
One thing about the program I would change is the monitoring of who gets WIC because as crazy as it may seem there are people that have sold “free” WIC cards online to earn a profit, when there are people that need the program but couldn’t get in because there was no more funding for any new people. Also, I would go back to using the voucher in all states instead of using the card because people can take their EBT card and put it in an ATM and take the money out and use it on other miscellaneous things other than their kids.


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