Summary many. Firstly, SummaryStore helps in time –

SummaryThisarticle was written by Nitin Agrawal and Ashish Vulimiri. The authors talkabout SummaryStore. They create this approximate time – series store to manipulatelarge amount of time – series data on only one node and to create analyticresults through some input.

In addition, they mention the reasons of why theyuse a Temporal Analytics store to achieve their goals. Also, they describe thearchitecture of this method. They emphasized that SummaryStore is created for analyticsand machine learning jobs. Moreover, they present some graphs and tables toshow the usage of the SummaryStore.

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 ProblemThemain problem that the authors try to show to the readers is that there wasn’tany storage system such as SummaryStore before. At the past, the storage systemswhich were used to manipulate such large volumes of time – series werecrashing. Moreover, another one problem that I think was important for authorsto pay attention is that they must show their job using real inputs like forecastingand they did this and I think that’s why they achieve their goals. ContributionsThecontributions that I recognized while I was reading this article are many.

Firstly,SummaryStore helps in time – decayed. This time – decayed is a new abstractionof summarizing data. It does this by using an algorithm to make more effectivethe range of queries. Moreover, it shows some errors on its job and gives someanswers using the methods of machine learning. Some more contributions that I realizedreading the article are that they create a mechanism to integrate data foranswering on some queries that they want to have an answer. At least, anotherone contribution is that when a question appears for the SummaryStore, it uses sometechniques to create the best answer for this question, which are not usedbefore.  FlawsThisarticle was a good written one with sections for each theme they wanted to describe.

I think that using the figures, equations and graphs was a very good decisionbecause they let us know more specific how they worked to achieve. The only drawbackI recognized reading this article was at Figure 9. I think there was a lot ofinformation in one page and I get confused trying to realize what they want toknow from this page.

But in general it was a very good article with a lot of knowledgeto get off.


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