summary approach to discuss both positive and negativepoints

summary article “CSIS assessing ‘bulk data’ collection, records show”Allocating and analyzing data playing a more significant role in our society nowadays.The companies collect customers’ actions as a basic of future development analyze, andcompanies would record customers’ shopping items to provide more precise services to eachcustomer, and the government need to store residences personal information to give moreeffective services and management. Some special agency such as spy services need to assessbulk data collection in order to find and fix the bugs about national security, but it has beenbecome a big issue for these special agencies use methods to deal with bulks data before andafter used. For example, these agencies usually would keep all the data even if not related to thenational security based on the reason of keep the safety of national security, but this action wouldagainst person’s privacy right, agencies if and only if can read and keep other people’s data whenget the permission from that person.

In the following article, I would use utilitarian approachand rights of persons approach discuss and summary both positive and negative opinions basedon the article “CSIS assessing ‘bulk data’ collection, records show”.First of all, I would like use utilitarian approach to discuss both positive and negativepoints about government services collect bulk data. On the one side, it is right to let spy agenciescollect and access any bulk data they want. Billions of data occurs and creates every year sincethe technology developed, the spy agencies need to analyze and process most of them so thatthey could find the significant information they want to stop some dangerous actions andincrease their working effective.

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This is act utilitarianism, the cost of reduce the risks aboutnational security and other important properties is access bulk data, and maximum the benefit iskeep the safety of properties and others. For instance, the article mentions that British spymastershelps the police find the correct suspects in 2004 based on the information they found from thebulk data, which help the police force reduce the range of suspect and save the time. This is anact which maximum the benefit. On the other side, it is wrong to let spy agencies collect andaccess any data they want.

Since the collect action is controlled by spy agencies and don’t tell thepublic, it would cause the government loss the trust when the truth is release to the public, this isnot a maximum profit action. Also, based on the rule utilitarianism, since the law don’t allow anyperson or agency collect data without permission, the spy agency’s action isn’t maximized utilitybecause the government would take more cost to cover this action. Collect the bulk data withoutcontrol would cause lots of negative effects.Secondly, I would like use rights of persons approach to discuss both positive andnegative ideas about government services collect bulk data. On the one hand, each person hastheir own rights to keep safety about all of their personal data. The government should follow thelaw which made by themselves, government should have the right process to get the bulk datawhich they want and use the right method to analyze. Otherwise, it would become the action oftrack and spy of all the residences in the country, and if have no specific and detail institution,these bulk data may cause strong damage to the person who they are spying.

The action if notrespect the right of person, those actions collect and analyze bulk data from people wouldbecome spying to each person instead of protecting themselves. On another hand, it is wrong tolet all the person have full aspects of personal rights. Lots of terror or damage actions can bestopped based on assessing the bulk data, the spy agencies should have more rights to accessmore data if necessary, it’s important to keep the right of person but still need to do the actionbased on the situation which is facing. From some point, some predicted action if and only if canoccur processing thousands of bulk data.

In conclusion, it is important to following the utilitarian approach and rights of personsapproach. Both positive or negative points have their own reasons should be process. Assessingbulk data for spy agencies is an important action to both government and person themselves,people and government both should find a balanced method to solve the situation.


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