summary 191 countries around the world. The history

    summary   Introduction:  Nestle is an internationalbrand and the world largest food and beverage company which has more than 2000brand in 191 countries around the world. The history of nestle was initiatedfrom the year 1866 with the foundation of Anglo Swiss. In 1905 Henri nestle whowas a German-born Swiss confectioner and founder of nestle, merged company withAnglo Swiss and now it is known as nestle group. The word nestle is a Germanword which represents a nest and the logo indicates the depicted young birds beingfed by their parents, hence in this way forming a link with the company’sspecialization. (thain, 2014)    Corporate social responsibility    Corporationworking in the society takes benefit from the society itself and that is thereason why the corporation member of society itself needs to take certain stepsthat would help in the improvement of the society.

The improvement might beenvironmental, social, cultural and so on. So this process of corporation helping the society voluntarily is knownas corporate social responsibility. Corporatesocial responsibility is an idea with numerous definitions and practices.

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Theway it is comprehended and actualized varies incredibly for each organizationand nation. In addition, CSR is an extremely expansive idea that tends tonumerous and different themes, for example, human rights, corporateadministration, wellbeing and security, natural impacts, working conditions andcommitment to financial advancement. Thereshould be a prospective responsibility for making ethical judgement. As per, theeconomic responsibility manager of the corporation should involve only withlegally or economically responsibilities where giving money to a charity withregards to the income is considered as self-imposed taxation.According to the ethical responsibility both thesociety and business corporation are interrelated with each other that includeinputs i.

e. employees, capital and physical resources.                                                       Discretionaryresponsibility includes unidentified donations with no expectation of a paybackthat does the sponsorship for the local event and fund to a charity (boddy, 2016).      Corporate Social Responsibility activities done by Nestlecorporation  “Our objective is to be theleader in Nutrition, Health and Wellness, and the industry reference forfinancial performance, trusted by stakeholders.” (Anon., 2017)  Nestlemarket has always focused on their CSR project with their overall umbrellatheme of shared value creation to ensure that the corporation meets the U.N.prosperity development goals of nutrition, water and rural development.

Theyperform business that is guided by their values rooted in respect also bycontributing to the society to ensure the long term achievement of theirbusiness. Throughout the business they assure that the following goals are tobe met.  Contribution toward agronomyassistance Nestlecompany is a large-scale also known as an international food manufacturingcorporation that mass- produce the instant coffee, milk, ready-to-cook noodles,dairy product and other numerous edible products.

Nestle company has beenfocusing on agronomy assistance. Nestle has been helping coffee farmers ofdifferent countries by providing knowledge of crops and also by providingbarangays with livelihood skills and other opportunities(Miller, 2016). Nestlehas been able to improve the growing method of coffee of Philippines so thatfarmers get better harvest and eventually help to increase the supply of coffeethat further enhance the income of the farmers  (miller, 2016). As nestle has been supporting upstreammarket which benefits them for quality products that quite obviously supports thedownstream market including the customer and consumers creating a Win Winsituation. Contribution toward community andnation Nestle alsohas contribution toward community and nation by creating different programs tohelp the underprivileged members of the society of different countries. Few ofthe projects like Cut and Sew livelihood project, Yard and Garden livelihoodproject, Suklay and Gunting project, Julius Maggi kitchen project, Miss KongTrainor’s program, Street Illuminations Projects has been implemented in manycountries like Bangladesh (hasan, 2015).  The company donates money for a good cause, withacquaintance of a charity partner.

Their work force focuses on three areas thathas been supported by the following commitments. ·     Buildup rural areas·     Upgrading the human rights·     Promoting honest employment anddiversity   Contributiontoward environmental protection and preservation Nestle had has been contributing towards environmentalprotection and preservation. One of the many contributions of Nestle is a stepof initiation towards greeneries afforestation, as it has made the commitmentof not doing deforestation in 2010. Furthermore, nestle has promised not tosell any product that includes the process of deforestation during itsmanufacturing. They acquired an acquaintance with a non-governmental organizationin 2013 where they got hold of the guides to track and demonstrate the areas athighest risk of deforestation.Nestle has also supported Global Forest Watch (GFW) byjoining a number of companies through an online mapping application where theyshared information about the round-abouts of the forests worldwide (Nestle, 2013).

     Company philosophy(vision, Goals, Value and Belief)               Nestle vision   a.     Thevision of nestle is to remain the main multinational association in food,nutrition, wellbeing then wellness. b.     Tomaximize the utilization of good quality of local raw material. c.     Toprotect the earth by being focused on ecologically solid business practices,and considering the need to safeguard on common assets and spare energy.

 d.     Nestlé’sidea is to be worldwide renowned leading nutrition, health and wellness (NHW)company (Nestle, 2017)  Nestle goals a.    Nestle goals is to help 50 million children tohave healthier life as well as help 30 million livelihoods in communityspecifically associated with its business and make progress toward reducing theeffect in its operations. b.

    Nestle commits to reduce sugar by 5% added toits products by 2010 (Nestle, 2017) c.    Upgrade farm economic among the farmers whoprovide them goods. d.    Progress labors’ livelihood and protect childrenin their agricultural supply chain (Nestle, 2017).  Nestle mission a.     Nestlesmission is satisfying their customer by providing the best tasting in theirproduct and greatest nutritious varieties in a wide choice of food and beveragecategories and other eating instances, since morning to night (Jurevicius, 2013)  Nestle values andprinciples a.

    Nestle believe in people rather than frameworksas they do the business according to a set of principles founded on honesty, equalityand general concern for society. b.    Nestle is concerned on creating a motivation fortheir investors. Nestlebelieve in constant change focusing on their environment (Nestle, 2010)


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