Gender helpful for society development. For instance,

Gender issues have been discussed for many years and still they are in questions.

It has been a norm people saying that “men are human beings; women are females” (Kelley 92). I am pleased to claim that those times come to an end, and even if sometimes women are not regarded equal to men, the new millennium is proving that soon male and female will be equal human beings. The world of celebrities, on the one hand, represents a reflection of the rest of society revealing the trends in society where men and women equality enhancing (women become extremely involved in the political and social life of their countries); and on the other hand, this world is a kind of guideline of activity in society, since people often follow their celebrities’ examples. Recently Stars Journal issued an article concerning pop star Shakira’s initiative to build a school in Haiti for children, Haiti’s Earthquake survivors. Reportedly the famous singer has come to Haiti to find a place for school; and immediately visited a camp for survivors where she met other stars who are involved in the charity campaign in Haiti. The article also point out that Shakira has joined other global celebrities “to raise funds for victims of the January 12”. Special attention is drawn towards Shkira’s involvement in different charity projects worldwide and especially in Latin America, such as Barefoot Foundation, ALAS foundation, We Are The World project. To my mind, the article under discussion is very interesting in terms of gender issue, and it proves my statement about the important role of women in a social life.

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I admit that even a decade ago women were regarded as family hearth keepers or even one of men attribute. For years men were important and active; women were helpful, beautiful and passive, waiting “for the right man” to come and safe them by marrying them (Kelley 88). According to Kelley this tendency arises from the hundreds of years when girls were taught to dream about their princes instead of trying to obtain their happiness themselves (Kelley 88). I’d like to point out that such values were cultivated in tales, books and, finally, in movies where the same scheme of glorious men and poor women were present. It is interesting that Kelley proves that the whole Cinderella tale and its 90s reincarnation Pretty Woman stress supremacy of men over a woman and her fate, and, which, to my mind, is even more remarkable, women reluctance to do more than just dirty job (Kelley 90). In the XXI century women on the contrary are very active and really helpful for society development.

For instance, Shakira doesn’t wait for her prince she works and gains her high social status herself. Of course, she works really hard, and sometimes she is to make difficult decisions, but everything she has gained is the result of her persistence. This celebrity is an example for other women who try to get read of this Cinderella complex. Moreover, this pop star doesn’t stop; she goes further and helps others, who are not so lucky. The article provides significant amount of information, which enables us to conclude that Shakira donates a lot of money to help people, especially children, where this help is really needed. I would like to stress that this woman is very active, and once she decides to build a school, she takes immediate action: she act herself and calls others to do the same. Clearly, Shakira’s involvement into raising funds for Haitians will contribute a great deal into her assistance, since she is a celebrity whose opinion matter for a lot of people.

Shakira has gained an authority by her actions and way of life, and now “the values and ideologies she symbolizes also become ‘‘real’’ and culturally resonant” (Meyers 895). First of all, being famous make people aware of her actions, tabloids highlight every step of her life, thus, such kind of activity is also well-known to public. Secondly this singer can inspire a lot of her fans and other people to follow her example; and that will serve to a great purpose of making our world better. I’d like to note that it is not the first and, definitely not the last example of celebrities trying to promote some idea. Thus, Hamilton explored political campaign using celebrities to make people aware and cherish American values (Hamilton). Celebrities were to embody and reveal all those values, and celebrities really made many people share these ideas, but Hamilton is also concerned about the ethic part of the issue. Our research is not focused on this part though, it is necessary to stress, in our case Shakira’s authority will make only good, and it will only help people who really need assistance.

At this moment I’d like to concentrate on the article’s event presentation. I suggest drawing attention to the first line of the article: “Shakira is making her star power useful!” At the very beginning the article makes the reader admit that Shakira is an authority and she uses her status for something useful. The article proceeds with specific information which highlights the singer’s charity initiatives.

It is necessary to point out that the whole article is very emotional and positive, for example it ends with the following: “You’re such a great example, Shakira! Thumbs up!” This enhances its impact on the readers. Emotional language makes people involved in the situation, and even more, the readers become inspired by Shakira. The article evokes the intention to take part in this very case of helping Haitians, and become aware of the necessity to make good to people who got in trouble. In conclusion I would like to stress that the article under discussion proves that times of men rule are over, and now start the time of mutual society development, where men and women are equal and important.

Clearly, the gender issue will never stop bothering human brains, we will always contemplate on who is better – men or women. I would like to suggest that no one is better men and women are different, and that is why it is important to give both genders equal possibilities. The present article gives an example of what strong and beautiful women can do, they can improve our world. Men being active and strong can continue developing our societies, but women being active, persistent and kind can distribute all the good among all people. But actually to my mind it is necessary to keep a little bit of gender issue, in order to make men and women compete who is stronger, who is wiser, etc.

, thus, people will never stop in development.

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