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When speaking of subcultures, many people picture Goths wearing dark gowns or skinheads wearing weapons. People often think that those pertaining to any subculture stand out against the rest of people. However, there are subcultures that co-exist with the society. For instance, such people as gamers can also be defined as those pertaining to a specific subculture. It is important to note that the majority of gamers are normal people who can be active members of the society.

For example, Jenny is an average student. She is not the most brilliant student but her grades are satisfying. She often takes part in some social activities (e.g. charity projects, parties, etc.). She says she likes “hanging out with bright characters”. Notably, she does not think she is “much of a firework” and she feels like remaining in the crowd rather than “leading the way”. She prefers “casual” style. Her favorite clothes are jeans, “funny” T-shirts. However, Jenny sometimes likes looking “nice” as she has “something to show”.

She is a cheerful girl and she likes joking. Thus, she can be regarded as an average college student. However, she is fond of video games. This is one of her “major commitments” as she calls it. She spends a great deal of time playing video games. Jenny says she does not spend less than two hours a day playing games. Of course, at weekends she spends much more time at her computer. She does not have her favorite games. She says she likes Arkum Asylum as well as The Sims or even Solitaire. She is also “attached” to all Mario versions as it was one of her first favorite games.

Remarkably, Jenny speaks like all normal people do, i.e. she does not use a lot of jargon words. However, when speaking about games she often uses such words as Big Bad (the enemy, the monster, etc.) or Golden Rule (the rule which can be changed). She is also very emotional, when speaking about games, characters or those people she played with.

Some may argue that Jenny cannot be regarded as a part of any subculture because she is too ‘normal’. For instance, many people share the opinion that people pertaining to some subculture should necessarily wear similar clothes; use the same language, etc. Nonetheless, I would not agree with such a statement.

Subculture is more than that. It is the way people think. Of course, Jenny may look like all the rest, but she tends to communicate with people who like playing games. She says that “guys” are “dull” if they have no idea about Call of Duty or at the very least Need for Speed.

Thus, this girl is eager to socialize with people sharing quite specific views. Jenny does not deny the society but she still prefers virtual reality to more real life activities. Of course, Jenny is not the brightest example of the subculture of gamers. Nevertheless, she still prefers socializing with people pertaining to the subculture.

She spends a lot of time playing video games. She also takes part in various competitions. She is always proud of her achievements in this field. She does not speak specific language, but she understands various terms which are unknown to a non-gamer. Jenny likes speaking of most exciting events in her virtual life. This can prove that Jenny pertains to the subculture of gamers.


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