Studying scientist has. Biomedical Science at degree level

Studying the body’s systems and makeup made me realise the fragility of the human body and the huge responsibilitya biomedical scientist has. Biomedical Science at degree level has equipped mewith the advanced skills that will be necessary to understand the more complexaspect of the field as an undergraduate researcher. My eagerness to delvedeeper into biology and explore the related areas in chemistry makes feel thatyour university is the most perfect place to do this. Investigating therespiratory pathways of the pathogenic gram-negative bacteria Handius gloveciiwould create an understanding in vast array of different topics like CellularBiology and Cell and Molecular Pathology which would give me a furtherunderstanding on the functions of the body across.If I am in a protein expressionrelated doubt I discuss them with my lecturers and I thrive on finding asolution, however the limit to the depth of science is limited at theuniversity and the questions that are unanswered require the next step ofexperience and therefore this position as an undergraduate researcher at theUniversity of Salford would really boost my knowledge on certain proteinexpression and further understanding of protein purification.While learning about techniques inthe Cell Biology and Cell Pathology Module, I was attracted to the organic andpharmaceutical side because it is the field that deals with identification ofspecific proteins like Flagellin and its purpose that greatly overlaps withbiology.

It sharpened my laboratory techniques including the use of pipettesand burettes which I will need to do quantitative and qualitative analysis.The Biomedical Science course at theUniversity of Essex is IBMS-accredited and this accreditation has enabled theuniversity to provide the essential laboratory skills and techniques that wouldbe required at most Biomedical science laboratories. This makes it ideal towork at the laboratory at the University of Salford. I was a library monitor aswell as being a charity representative. Being a charity representative wasgreat to be able to interact with students from other schools and backgroundsand all come together as a team.

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Amongst my formal studies, as a foundingmember of the school table tennis organisation, I have been able to gain skillsthat are necessary to pursue a career as an undergraduate researcher, I havehoned my administration skills through arranging and promoting matches andcreating club schedules within the school day. As my previous performance inthe science field demonstrates, I have the aptitude and the patient approach toproblem solving that will ensure I approach further study with both accuracyand enthusiasm. In addition to my strong academic performance within thediscipline I have also been lucky to get work experience opportunities at apharmacy that has allowed me to apply my theoretical knowledge in a practicalcontext. Next term I have arranged to obtaincorporate skills in my local schools CLD department where SEN students withspecific individual needs participate in sessions to boost their self esteemand further their abilities. I hope to observe the physical and health needs ofthese students.

To end, I would like to say that I feel with my abilities andskills, I will make a unique contribution as an undergraduate researcher withmy future aspirations. 


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