Students and imagination(Courtney, 2017). To understand the

Students and teachers often identify rote learning and not flexible rule-obsessed thinking as features extremely important for success in science. A little over a quarter of first or most important and between elementary and high school where the schools have effective science programs, and by year 8 when students are 11-13 years old of few students. Science learning was thought of student experienced knowledge-based programs rather than interactive, investigative approaches that provide opportunity for student ability to create interesting new things and imagination(Courtney, 2017). To understand the lack of showing the ability to create interesting new things of opportunity in the classroom, it is important first to define creativity in the big picture of learning, and then to explore how teachers might think to believe the ability to be used for something of ability to create interesting new things across different fields of study. Creativity is the use of knowledge and skills in new ways to accomplish or gain with effort a valued goal. Besides being very important to education and learning, creativity is an important part of everyday life and twenty-first century living. So, creativity is of obvious importance to practical school courses areas such as technology.

In line with the opinions of creativity educated people, especially those from the field of organizational creativity, the ability to create interesting new things and invention of new things are closely related but not identical ideas and, therefore, need to be distinguished for research and management purposes(Werner & Tang, 2017). Creating the existing books about the defining features of creativity and invention of new things, the balance between pretty and practicality appropriateness at four opinions that can be used to see these two ideas which is the individual way of seeing things and more weight on idea generation or idea application, the social way of seeing things and the desire to do something sensible view. There are always restrictions on where the world is not only the possibility of ability to create interesting new things, but creativity as seen in functional products. The warning here hints that though the link between creativity and invention of new things seems obvious and logical, creativity cannot always be changed into invention of new things due to the existence of different restrictions. So, creativity is one of the factors that lead to an innovative student because they can see and give unique ideas by their creative thinking.

According to the Ozdemir and Dikici (2017) article state that creativity is usually created as a skill to produce original and good solutions for new situations and to create original ideas. In the world of science, original ideas give to change and improve our views about the natural world. Therefore, scientific creativity can be explained as a skill to develop and raise our understanding of nature. This creation of scientific creativity is the vital property of scientific knowledge because of its developmental nature. That’s why creativity may lead to factors to an innovative student. Even a typical related to school and learning semester without any special instruction can improve students’ scientific creativity. Helping the development of ability to create interesting new things is about teacher behaviors, which includes maintaining an open point of view towards showing the ability to create interesting new things ideas or behaviors, showing a humanistic student control, being flexible in thinking and behaving, and valuing independent thinking. Teachers may encourage students’ creativity or cause it to atrophy. Research wants everyone to understand that the relationship between teacher and student is important for students to develop their creativity that will lead to be an innovative student.

The graph above shows that teachers and parents are agreed creativity needs to be soaked in more deeply into the school courses.


Creativity can be describe as a focus on creating new or original idea, looking into the existing problems in a different point of view in order to provide useful and practical solution to the attached establishment. In the education setting, teachers being productive by putting into use creative idea in preparing teaching materials. More than that, showing the ability to create interesting new things instructor usually will apply any existing knowledge with new approach that can feed and care for thinking-related ability. Person’s creativity can be taught and can be improved. Because of this, in this big picture the way teachers bring across their teaching methods can be taught or trained to be more creative. Lecturers basically demanded to be creative in their teaching besides applying their knowledge and experience so from that student can be more motivated to be an innovative student.


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