Student is a program which allows an individual

Student nameProfessor’s nameInstitutional affiliationCourse codeDateOnline grading systemOnline grading is a program which allows an individual to submit their grades online without the need to create an online grade book. Gradebook refers to a tool used to record assignment grades. It is also used to track the progress of the student and is easily applied to forward the final grades to the grade page.

However, the online grading system is causing a lot of stress to the students to make good grades. Cheating by the students results from the social pressure placed on the students to score high degrees in education and other values which entails imagination and creativity (O’Connor, 87).It is evident that pressure from schools and parents to score high grades has led to stress among students.

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Parents pressure the students right from the elementary school. High school research conducted amongst five students revealed that students spend most of their time in finagling the online system to ensure that they score the most upper grades. In every class tested, cheating was reported. Although fraud is one of the high school cultures, the motive for deception was brought about by the desire to achieve high grades. It is a desire which comes from the parents and teachers since they demand high scores from the students (Wankat, 122).

Another reason contributing to the stress among the students is the association of high performance with better lives. Students, therefore, feel that getting high grades guarantees them a brighter future and hence they strive to achieve high grades. As a result, we have very many stressed students who feel that once they perform poorly, their future may not be as bright as they expected. Therefore, parents and teachers need to come up with ways of encouraging students to work hard without the need to stress them (Good, 195).

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