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Student Id-T00616287Name-Neeraj Kumar 1-Culture of Walt DisneyWalt Disney aims to be one of the world’s leading producer company which provides entertainment and information which develops the creativeness and innovative entertainment products throughout the world. The company developed culture that emphasize on family entertainment meets the demands of multicultural groups of employees that are known as cast members. At Disney, leadership is understood as a top-down and bottom-up set of activities (Hall, 2005). The Walt Disney Company, together with its subsidiaries, is a diversified worldwide entertainment company with operations in four business segments: Media Networks; Parks and Resorts; Studio Entertainment; and Consumer 1.

2)- Strong Culture at Walt Disney:Walt Disney itself became a hero to its culture, No matters from which country you belongs they always expect to flow a universal culture. The organization always imparts value to its beliefs and ideas of organization that holds a great importance. Moreover rites and rituals like meetings or gatherings in an organization play a vital role in the company. Walt Disney created a unique cultural network which made it one of the best companies in the world and contributes towards its success.Assets and Liabilities:Walt Disney Company accounts payable increased from 2015 to 2016 but then slightly declined from 2016 to 2017. The ratio of Total Asset to Current Liabilities for the Walt Disney Company is roughly 5.46. Total Asset is everything that a business owns 2.

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Disney Total Asset=Tangible Assets+ Intangible Assets=92.03BCurrent Liabilities is company’s short term debts. Current liabilities are very important in analyzing a company’s financial health as it requires the company to convert some of its current assets into cash 2.Disney Current Liabilities = Payables+ Accrued Debt=16.

84B4-Process to socialize new hires at Walt DisneyTraditions-Traditions covers a lot of things, reviewing Disney’s illustrious history and giving new Cast Members a thorough understanding of the company. Traditions include small-group activities, glitzy presentations, and even trivia games for prizes.Park OrientationPark orientation is a second step. This day includes new employees to walk around their park and to get knowledge in depth about the surroundings. It also involves combinations of riding attractions, key spots backstage, learning about the history associated with the park, at this stage, the training group consists only of new hires or rehires at that particular park. Vehicle operationsMost spieling attractions also involve operating a ride vehicle, which might be mostly automated or might be fully under the Cast Member’s control.

For example, the trucks at Kilimanjaro Safaris are actually real trucks driven by the Cast Members on a narrow, winding pathway. Although governors keep them at a safe, low speed, there are numerous spots along the route that can give new Safari guides trouble. So a good portion of training time is devoted to driving an empty truck around and around and around, gaining familiarity with the path and confidence in driving such a large vehicle 3.AssessmentIt plays a very important role and a last stage to train the new employees. All departments consist of different type of assessments. Mainly members assessed in two different ways that include non- spieling position which allow them to work independently in umpteen positions Socialization is generally defined as “a process in which an individual acquires the attitudes, behaviours and knowledge which is essential successfully to participate as an organizational member. The on-boarding process promotes a new employee’s diverse talent by using appraisal methods that reflect individual learning style.

5- Role Fit at Walt Disney Company:Walt Disney maintains a standard for recruiting the people in the company. They created a model for hiring, Walt Disney mainly focus on attitude .At present, Disney recruits, selects and train the candidates who like to work with the company in a same way weather they are cast members or third party employees. They integrate a wide range of employees carrying different types of jobs.

Disney unique culture focus to unite the workers to attain a common goal.Early in the process, candidates can view a film depicting what it is like to work at Disney. The film also communicates conditions of employment.

After viewing it, a small percentage of candidates self-select out of the process. This is a good thing, since those candidates might not be “right fit” for the culture—and Disney might not be right-fit for them. This process not only saves time and money, but it leaves the applicants feeling good about themselves and our company.

During the interview process, casting professionals will base the hiring decision on work experience, personality and educational background 4. UNDERSTANDING EXPECTATIONS: Communication, involves mainly the skills of listening. For long-term care organizations, Companies always want to recruit the on the front lines. They have the most contact with residents, so they know what they most like and dislike.

Your challenge is to ensure that everyone on the team has a voice and the opportunity to share ideas.REFERENCES1) www.thewaltdisneycompany.com2) www.stock-analysis-on.net3)


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