Strong total efficiency of the guests’ journey.


Strong Relationships with

One key element of Dunkin’ Donuts
strategy is its focus on the profitability of the franchisee. The level of
support that is offered by the brand is of great importance when working with
franchisors. For Quick Service franchisors, it is the relationship between the
franchisee and franchisor that is essential (QSRmagazine, 2016). Since 100% of
the DD locations are franchises, strategic partnerships must be maintained with
the franchisees. These relationships start with a six-week training program for
the prospective franchisees at the Dunkin’ Donuts University. Within this
program they will learn all the skills and knowledge that is needed to run the business
(IRJCjournals, 2016).


Loyalty Program DD perks: / On-The-Go Ordering

According to the 2017 Brand Keys
Customer Loyalty Engagement Index, Dunkin’ Donuts is ranked number 1 in
consumer loyalty in the out-of-home coffee category. In 2017, DD Perks rewards
programs surpasses five million members, which results that the Loyalty Program
is one of the fasting growing loyalty programs in the QSRI (Loyalty360, 2017).


In 2016, the On-The-Go Ordering
was launched within the DD perks program. This initiative that will enhance the
customer satisfaction and the total efficiency of the guests’ journey. According
to DD management, the new mobile app is the biggest service change the company has
introduced since drive-thru. Customers can now order in advance and skip lines to
collect their orders. This app is a positive contribution to the speed,
accuracy and personalization of the operating model of DD.




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