Stress to work in a position where I

Stress continues to be prevalent in modern society. Sleep deprivation, poor health, financial concerns, relationship distresses and loneliness are of serious concern and most are consequences of work related pressures. Personally I have different stressors in my life and the ones I am going to describe are connected even though I keep trying to overcome them. I started my current work in 2016 but I didn’t feel like the job though I wanted to secure my finance since there is a serious problem of job scarcity. I graduated in agriculture with specialization in animal production and I wanted to work in a position where I can apply the skills obtained from University and then continue in masters to advance my expertise so that I will end up working in higher institutions in teaching, research or extension.After passing written and interview exams, I was nominated as animal resources officer, the post I was not passionate at. I had two dilemmas; to perform well or to quit the job.

Thanks to Brian Tracy who is one of my inspirations. I was motivated by watching his inspirational video about secrets of self-made millionaires ( ). According to Brian Tracy, the quality of self-discipline that everyone needs, is the ability to do what you should do, when you should do it whether you feel like it or not. That has encouraged me to endure at my work and perform well. Reading the book written by Robert Kiyosaki (2011), “Rich Dad Poor Dad” I found that minding my business while doing my current work will help me achieve my goals.

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The second stressor I have is loneliness because I am still single while I wish to have a family. Both stressors were hindering me to perform well but as long as I got inspirations from reading and watching inspirational resources and talking to people I am now motivated. I am also enthused by the decision I made to pursue MBA as my favorite and the fact that I am engaged to marry my love this year all encourage me not only at my work place but in normal life. Stress management at work place is quite important for both the organization and the employee directly or indirectly concerned. Stressors at the work place are often caused by organizational structure, leadership style and its quality, the demands of tasks and responsibilities, quality and standardization, employees turnover, communication within the organizational structure and other factors that could be individual or communal (Manning; Preston, 2003). The book published by “Health Advocate (

pdf ) state that the lack of accommodation is also part of stress loads and particularly for women who must care for their children. This causes them to sometimes being absent at the work. Stressed workers are always tired at work which results in poor performance, injuries or other associated diseases which eventually incur high costs for them and the organization. The management of stress should be given much attention by organizations and individuals vis-à-vis of their effects. Stressors can risk causing gastro-intestinal diseases, impairments of the auto-immune functions and physical conditions to organizational workers. Organizations could help employees manage stress by providing programs or interventions to improve the work organization and minimize the effect associated with workload (Landsbergis, 20006).

The management staff of any organization should be cautious in assessing stress factors and developing mitigation measures for the benefit of the employees as well as the organization (Manning & Preston, 2003). Finally I would argue that it is mandatory for employers to help their employees deal with stressors that may or may not be related to the workplace. For instance the organizational management can avail accommodations for employees with particular problems to help them maximize their performance at work and reduce stress on them. According to Health Advocate, Inc., low salaries, heavy workload, unrealistic job expectations, lack of opportunity for growth and advancement and job security have been found to be the causes of workplace stress.

It is therefore a responsibility of the management of the organization to cope with these dilemmas to ensure quality work performance and reduced turnover. It important to apply management strategies both at organizational level and personal level to manage stresses. Information sharing, treating employees with respect, creating and maintaining a good climate among employees by providing opportunities for social interaction as well as establishing counselling and advice system all are ways to deal with stress at workplace (Anguilla, B.W.I, 2013).


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