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“Strength lies not in defeat but in attack”- Adolf Hitler. The Nazi army followed the lead of Hitler; by 1934, the SA had grown to a force of over 4,500,00 men, but this does not mean it stayed the same throughout the years. In 2024, almost 200,000 men will be in the army, definitely not as much as it was in 1934- 90 years later. Although, its size is slowly increasing, people shouldn’t worry about its past; its their lack of defences that aren’t as impenetrable as they should be.Press,JustinHuggler Germany is to increase its size troop numbers; will be raised to almost 200,000.

That is slightly more than the British forces current strength of 196,410 men.But in the years following the fall of the Berlin Wall and German reunification defence spending dropped sharply..By 1934, the SA had grown to a force of over 4,500,00 men.

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At the climax of the civil war, West Germany’s military went up to over 500,000 troops. The German army promised to train 300,000 men a year at their base camps. By 1938- 4 years before the SA had grown- it had 36 separate fields of 600,000 men. Even though the increase is not that much, the current level of its military is around 178,000. Who knows how long it will take until their army reaches over 900,00 men.Press, Justin HugglerPresident Donald Trump has repeatedly demanded europe pay more towards the cost of its own defence.

Just to lay down the atlantic wall costed 3.7 billion Reichsmarks. Although many Germans chose not to spend on defence, germany will spend 43.5 billion dollars in 2020. Lets not forget though, up to 2% of GDP by 2024. Germany, one of the world’s richest nations, spends 1.2 million dollars on military defences annually. It is due to reach 39.

2 billion euros by 2020.German military’s spending on weapons, and other equipment rose by nearly 11 percent in 2016 to 5.1 billion euros and would increase to 6 billion euros this year.Although the Nazi army followed the lead of Hitler,they now follow the lead of Ursula Von Legen;the federal minister of defence. In 1939,Hitler attacked Poland, thus creating world war II. After suffering a series of attacks in the summer,Germany has been in fear of further violence. The authorities said the 2017 July attacks were not linked to each other- but there were concerns about escalating bad safety in the country.The attack in Sweden, Friday, in which a man identified as an Uzbek plowed a beer delivery truck into a crowd and killed four people, is just the latest terror incident to hit Germany in the last two years; yet its one of many that still continue to happen.


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