The street children are literally

The street children are literally crying out for help as hopelessness fills the air. What can a person say to children when you see them in the street, The children sleep under benches and sell flowers. The children are wet by the rain because they have no home to return to. The children beg for food; they eat glue to remove the pain of hunger.

The children suffer from rape, molestation, and exploitation. The children’s dreams of a better future have been dashed away. They need a hand. The Philippines’ street children have grown in numbers. They live in cemeteries and street corners, buildings and other available crevices. The children’s clothes are in tatters. They smell and they look destitute. The counter argument, street children brought it on themselves through laziness, is unsustainable.

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A child’s need for food, clothing, and a cozy home environment, is the responsibility of the parents. The child is not tasked to work before one reaches the ripe adult age of 18 years. Another argument stating the street children should find work to feed their hungry stomach is wrong. Children below the legal age are not allowed to work, under the law.

The children’s bodies are not mature enough to do heavy manual work. Based on the above discussion, the street children are the ill fated victims of society. The life of the street children is filled with difficulty. There are many factors contributing to the street children’s helpless situation. Indeed, society should come to the help of the street children.


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