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Strata title is the title specialized for the individual unit of property such as apartment, condominium, offices and etc. Strata title can indicate that the ownership of the property belonging. The person who holds the strata title is the actual owner of the property. For this reason, Buyers should ask for strata title when they purchasing this kind of property. If not, the ownership of the property will fall under the developer name and not the buyer owning the unit. In addition, when buyers own the strata title, he/she have the right to sell out the property without getting the consent from the developer.Strata title is the vital parts of a condominium property.

It has provided great convenience to the condominium buyers. Without strata title, buyers will hardly to get a loan from banks to finance the condominium, difficult to maintain the property due to the management committee cannot be formed and etc. This kind of problem will limit the buyer of the property to exercise his/her power. And if the developer goes bankrupt before the strata title issued, The releasing of the title will be a delay as long as there is no political involvement , may cause difficulties to process the strata title and may turn into trouble for the buyers.Appendix 1 Next, as a owner that holding the strata title, it has the rights for the owner to complain your neighbour or the MC( management corporation) about the problem that happen. For instance, leakage of the ceiling and the upstairs neighbour are liable to solve the problem. There are no possible that he/she can disclaim the problem because according to the ????NexN????  Next, As an owner that own the strata title , It has the right for the owner to complain about the neighbour or MC( management corporation) about the trouble happen.

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For instance, leakage of the ceiling are caused by the upstairs neighbour. Buyers have the rights to complain and make his/her concern about the problem and also taking action in order to solve the problem. There are no possibility that he/her can disclaim the problem because according to the section 142 of SMA but the entire responsibility are not all under upstairs parcel owner. The first line responsibility falls on the MC based on the regulation 56(1) of SMR.

 Appendix 2   Furthermore, as compare the condominium with the bungalow. Condominium prices are more cheaper and affordable by public. The average prices of buying a condominium in malaysia is about RM500,000 for a minimum 3 bedroom and it located at the city. And, The prices of bungalow are more expensive for about RM5000,000 compared with condominium and normally not near by the city. If buyer are more prefer with the bungalow that located in the city , the prices will greatly increase according to the location of the bungalow that the buyer want to finance. The high cost of the bungalow will stop the step of the public due to the reason that they can’t bear the price. Besides, Different country has different prices of condo such as the condo in Hong Kong.

Most of the resident can’t afford the prices of purchasing the house even though there are some new affordable houses but it also out of the area that they able to afford.Appendix 3    Appendix 4 Appendix 5                              After that, Building a bungalow takes a broad range that may same as            the condominium but bungalow only supplies the limited spaces and only for one family to live. The opposite of condo is many families are living in the same building that can reach the amount about 300 to 500 households.

At the same time, they are able to enjoy their privacy, safety and personal space in the unit of the condo that they purchase without living with others and also they are no need to afraid about disturbing by others household. In addition, they can get help from their neighbours if something goes wrong when living in the condo because bungalow has no neighbours or neighbours are far away from the bungalow, It made problems to the household when an emergency such as sick, faint or fire disaster. Moreover, the household living in the condo is far more than bungalow cause the developer gain more profit by building the condo compared to building a bungalow. For example, developer sells a bungalow can gain RM10,000 and sell a unit of the condo can earn RM3000, If the condo unit sold 300 unit(RM3000×300= RM900,000). The profit that selling the condo will much more than selling a bungalow. From the perspective of developers, apart from making more profits, condominiums are designed to enable more people to buy houses and raise their standard of living, without spending too much money on mortgage loans, especially low-income earners, white-collar workers and middle-income people by cooperation with the government to provide better housing plan to the public.


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