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Stocks are way of gaining money. The stocks that I had purchased was AMC theatre,BTI, CMG, DPS, HD, and etc. The reasons I bought these stocks was because they are popularplaces but not everyone would think about purchasing these stocks. During the time I boughtthese stocks I noticed that not much was happening unless it was a common company, then theywould make a lot more profit. If i knew more about stocks from the start the difference i wouldmake with buying them would be purchasing more popular and a little bit of stocks that haveenough sales that make them go up instead down.The first stock I bought was AMC theatre I bought 5 of them and it cost $15.70. Thereason I bought this stock was because it was a popular place to go to, even though profits wentup and down I thought it would be a good purchase. After a week or two i noticed that nothingwas happening to it, it wasn’t making the sales i thought it would so i traded. If they were makingsuccessful sales then i would’ve been able to make a lot more money and have better stocks.The next stock i bought was BTI (british american tobacco) I bought 15 and it cost$62.82. The reason i bought these stocks were because tobacco is very common in america it isone of the most leading addictions and it’s something that’ll never die down. I was doing prettygood in this stock but then nothing was happening i kept the stock because maybe something2could happen and they might start making a lot more sales. The market value is $954.45 so it’s apretty successful stock and i believe it’s something fun to buy.The third stock i bought was Chipotle Mexican Grill CMG i bought 4 and paid $310.31.The reason i bought these stocks was because chipotle it’s a really common place to eat i knowso many people who eat there so i assumed that there sales would be pretty high. While watchingthis stock i noticed that my profit was a negative…but i kept it because i thought maybesomething would change. Even though the market value was high, $1,216.56 it didn’t change thefact that i was getting profit.The fourth stock i bought was Dr. Pepper Snapple DPS. I bought 5 and it cost me $87.55.I bought this stock thinking it’ll give me profit..who doesn’t like dr. pepper. As time went onnothing really happened i didn’t have a negative profit though. I was making money enough tomake this stock work out. The market value of this stock is $450.95, i kept it and it andeverything worked out.The fifth and final stock that i did was HD home depot. I bought 2 for $165.14. This wasone of my better stocks they were making profit and so was i. I chose this stock because ithought the only “real” competitors they had was really lows and either way both make goodprofits. This company has so many valuable things that when you need a tool home depot willend up having it there for you. There market value came out to be $359.64 and all around i washappy with my purchase.All around i learned that if you know how a company is and if there profits are good thenyou’ll end up making profit i recommend this to anyone who knows how the market works3because you can makes lots of money from doing this. And to Coach i really didn’t know what iwas saying so don’t think this was thought out i just had to get two pages in so hopefully i did.


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